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December highlights

The December issue of Ultrasound in Obstetrics & Gynecology contains 12 Original Articles; an Editorial; two Systematic Reviews; plus a Randomized Controlled Trial Please see below a selection of articles from the December issue of the Journal specially chosen by the UOG team. To view all UOG content become an ISUOG member today.



Research priorities for stillbirth

Reducing the number of stillbirths is highly desirable owing to the associated significant adverse medical, psychological, social and economic impacts. In 2013, the rate of stillbirth in the UK was 4.2 per 1000 live births. Compared to other pregnancy complications, stillbirth remains under-researched; to address this gap in the research, further studies are needed. Discussed in this Editorial, new research brought together doctors, midwives, parents, third-sector organizations, funders and pathologists under the Stillbirth Priority Settings Partnership. Their main objectives were to enable parents, families and clinicians to identify research priorities, agree a ‘top 10’ list of priorities by consensus, publicize the results and promote the findings to researchers and funding bodies. The outcome of the study identified 11 key priorities for research into the reduction of stillbirth and improving care for parents who have experienced a stillbirth which will hopefully provide structure to the stillbirth research agenda.

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View the press releases by Tommy’s and Central Manchester Hospitals and a comment from UOG’s Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Basky Thilaganathan:

Genomic microarray in fetuses with increased nuchal translucency and normal karyotype

The risk of genetic syndromes or neurodevelopmental delay in fetuses with increased nuchal translucency on first-trimester ultrasound and a normal karyotype is not fully established. Prevalence rates are reported to be as low as 0.6% and as high as 6.6%, with more than 50 genetic disorders identified in such cases. In this systematic review by Grande et al., 17 studies that performed microarray analysis on prenatal cases presenting with increased NT or cystic hygroma and normal karyotype were assessed to estimate the incremental yield of detecting copy number variants by genomic microarray over karyotyping.

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This month’s Journal Club slides were compiled by Dr Maddalena Morlando

Omega-3 supplementation during pregnancy to prevent recurrent intrauterine growth restriction

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) is one of the most common and complex problems in modern obstetrics. Women with a prior pregnancy complicated by IUGR have a 20% increased risk of recurrence in their next pregnancy. The intake of omega-3 during pregnancy has been shown to be beneficial, with an associated increase in fetal and birth weights. In this systematic review by Saccone et al., three randomized controlled trials were assessed to evaluate the efficacy of omega-3 supplementation during pregnancy in reducing the incidence of IUGR in women with an apparently uncomplicated singleton pregnancy who had a previous IUGR pregnancy.

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Successful laser treatment in monochorionic quadruplets affected by fetofetal transfusion syndrome

The risk for complications of quadruplet pregnancy depends on chorionicity. Perinatal mortality is much higher in pregnancies with at least one monochorionic pair than in quadrachorionic quadruplets. Twin–twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS) may develop owing to placental vascular anastomoses and unequal placental sharing. The most effective treatment is fetoscopic laser coagulation of the anastomoses on the chorionic plate. In this Picture of the Month article, Tul et al. report the first case of a naturally conceived monochorionic quadramniotic quadruplet pregnancy, complicated by double fetofetal transfusion syndrome, which was successfully treated by endoscopic laser ablation and resulted in four healthy infants.

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Included in this issue of the Journal is a report on the 25th World Congress on Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Montreal, featuring transcriptions of the speeches given about the Ian Donald Gold Medal winner, Professor Torvid Kiserud, and acknowledgment of the winners of the free communication awards.

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