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The June issue contains 14 original papers, including an open-access article on maternal hyperoxygenation; two free-access Systematic Reviews on congenital heart disease plus much more supplementary content.

ISUOG News: 04 June 2015

Please see below a selection of free- and open-access articles from the June issue of the Journal, specially chosen by the UOG team. To view all UOG content become an ISUOG member today.

Prenatal diagnosis of critical isolated congenital heart disease:
dismantling silos to provide better care

In the June issue we have an Opinion by our Editor Helena Gardiner, which discusses the clinical impact that the systematic review by Holland et al. may have. 

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Neurodevelopmental delay with critical congenital heart disease is mainly from prenatal injury not infant cardiac surgery: current evidence based on a meta-analysis of functional magnetic resonance imaging

This is a free-access systematic review by Y. Li, S. Yin, J. Fang, Y. Hua, C. Wang, D. Mu and K. Zhou. Currently, no consensus has been reached regarding whether brain injury related to congenital heart disease (CHD) is caused by infant cardiac surgery and/or prenatal injury resulting from the CHD. The authors performed a meta-analysis on eight articles to identify the likely cause of neurodevelopmental delay in CHD patients and found that it is due mainly to prenatal injury, and cardiac surgery might lead to mild brain injuries postoperatively however functional MRI shows recovery within a short period. 

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Diagnosis of truncus arteriosus in first trimester of pregnancy using transvaginal four-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound

This article includes the ‘Picture of the month’, by M.A.M AboEllail et al. The authors concluded that transvaginal 3D/4D color Doppler should be used as it facilitates diagnosis at an early gestational age and enables the differentiation of truncus arteriosus from other pathologies as the spatial relationships between the great arteries and branches can be achieved easily.

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Prenatal diagnosis of critical congenital heart disease reduces risk of death from cardiovascular compromise prior to planned neonatal cardiac surgery: a meta-analysis

The Journal Club article this month is on the systematic review by Brian Holland et al. The authors assess whether a prenatal diagnosis can improve the chance that a newborn with critical congenital heart disease will survive to undergo planned cardiac surgery, by comparing preoperative mortality in those with a prenatal vs postnatal diagnosis. They found that the risk of preoperative death was reduced for prenatally diagnosed newborns whose families pursue treatment, and who do not have additional risk factors, compared to postnatally diagnosed newborns.

View the full article  and Journal Club slides

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