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ISUOG Advisory Membership group

ISUOG's Advisory membership group aims to ensure better representation of our diverse and international membership in society decisions and new activities.

The following members were appointed at the 24th World Congress as they are particulary engaged in ISUOG activites and are asked to participate in surveys and discussions, and are proactively consulted on new initiatives.

Read ISUOG's 2015 membership report.

From amongst this group we recognise our Fellows, who are our long-standing members who have made significant contributions to the Society over the years. We are also pleased to welcome our Ambassadors, who are 16 members who have been recognised for their proactive contribution to increasing ISUOG's membership representation in target regions.

ISUOG Fellows

Alfred Abuhamad (USA)                                                                                         Ahmet Baschat (USA)
Stuart Campbell (UK)
Rabih Chaoui (Germany)
Pavel Calda (Czech Republic)
Sturla Eik-Nes (Norway)
Eduard Gratacos (Spain)
Kurt Hecher (UK)
Pentti Joupilla (Finland)
Davor Jurkovic (UK)
TK  Lau (China)
Kazuo Maeda (Japan)
Israel Meizner (Israel)
Karel Marsal (Sweden)
Kypros Nicolaides (UK)
David Nyberg (USA)
Dario Paladini (Italy)
Gianluigi Pilu (Italy)
Lawrence Platt (USA)
Roberto Romero (USA)
Waldo Sepulveda (Argentina)
Ann Tabor (Denmark)
Ilan Timor-Tritsch (USA)
Boris Tutschek (Switzerland)
Lil Valentin (Sweden)
Simcha Yagel (Israel)
Juriy Wladimiroff (UK)
Beryl Benacerraf (USA)
Julene Carvalho (UK)

ISUOG Advisory Members

Zarko Alfirevic (UK)
Artúr Beke (Hungary)
Vincenzo Berghella (USA)
Amarnath Bhide (UK)
Gihad Chalouhi (France)
Hans Peter Dietz (Australia)
Helen  Feltovich (USA)
Daniela Fischerova (Czech Republic)
Jean-Claude Fouron (Canada)
Ulrich Gembruch (Germany)
Tullio Ghi (Italy)
Phyllis Glanc (Canada)
Steven Goldstein (USA)
Stefano Guerriero (Italy)
Georges Haddad (France)
Edgar Hernandez-Andrade (Mexico)
Philippe Jeanty (USA)
Anthony Johnson (USA)
Karl Kagan (Germany)
Mark Kilby (UK)
Wesley Lee (USA)
Christoph Lees (UK)
Hernan Muñoz (Chile)
Anthony Odibo (USA)
Karen Reinhold-Wojdemann (Denmark)
Kjell Salvesen (Norway)
Ragnar Sande (Norway)
Israel Shapiro (Israel)
Eva Tegnander (Norway)
Ants Toi (Canada)
Renato Ximenes (Brazil)
Masami Yamamoto (Chile)
Richard Brown (Canada)
Ilona Hromadnikova (Czech Republic)
Marius Vicea Calomfirescu (Romania)
Carolyn Zelop (USA)
Denise Pedreira (Brazil)
Martin Hynek (Czech Republic)
Denise Pugash (Canada)
Savvas Argyridis (Cyprus)
Natalia Venchikova (Belarus)
Ralf Schild (Germany)

ISUOG Ambassadors

Reem Abu-Rustum (Lebanon)
Prashant Acharya (India)
Kazunori BABA (Japan)
Fabricio da Costa (Australia)
Ehigha Enabudoso (Nigeria)
Lisbet Hanson (USA)
Mauricio Herrera (Colombia)
Asma Khalil (UK)
Ashok Khurana (India)
Kwok Yin Leung (Hong Kong)
Chander Lulla (India)
Wellington Martins (Brazil)
Mirghani Hisham (UAE)
Airen Sigue (Philippines)
Elena Sinkovskaya (Russia)
Walfrido Sumpaico (Philippines)
Fred Ushakov (Russia)
Wu QingQing (China)
Abdennour Youcef-Khodja (Algeria)
Aly Youssef (Italy)

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