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About ISUOG Outreach

What is the Outreach Program?

The ISUOG Outreach program provides intensive hands-on training in ultrasound, supported by essential theoretical knowledge, in underserved regions of the world.

Maternal mortality related to pregnancy is the leading cause of death in women of child-bearing age, and almost all maternal and perinatal deaths occur in the developing world. Introducing ultrasound technology to prenatal care can help identify pregnancies at risk of adverse outcomes and plan deliveries in hospital settings. Complications such as ectopic pregnancy, placenta previa, multiple pregnancy, fetal malposition and abnormal fetal growth are known to increase morbidity and mortality and can all be simply diagnosied by ultrasound. 

The program itself is governed by the Outreach Committee, which is chaired by Dr. Anthony Johnson (for more information on the committee, please click here). Each ISUOG Outreach training program is preceeded by a comprehensive needs assessment of participants, and is therefore targeted specifically to trainee needs. Trainees should leave with the knowledge and skills necessary to diagnose and avoid the most common obstetric emergencies. Pre- and post- tests will monitor trainee progress and are used to plan future visits. Contact with trainers is also available between visits. Comprehensive educational materials are provided to reinforce the theoretical components of teaching and to cover ultrasound system use. 

ISUOG Outreach is proud to use the eBook Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology: A Practical Approach for its Outreach projects. The eBook was launched in September 2014 during the Outreach Workshop in Barcelona and has been created in collaboration with former Outreach Committee Chair Dr. Alfred Abuhamad, Dr Dario Paladini, Dr Philippe Jeanty and Dr Rabih Chaouhi in offering the basics in ultrasound training through virtual means.

The eBook is available for free download and will be available soon in multiple languages to ensure its reach.

For more information regarding the history of the Outreach Program, read more about our story by clicking here.

For more information around ISUOG Outreach's Strategic Framework 2012-2014, click here.

To find out more about both current and past projects as well as the regions where we've worked in, please click here.


Contact us

The ISUOG Outreach Program is managed by Gesu Antonio Baez (International Development Coordinator) at the ISUOG Secretariat.

Please email any queries to or call +44 (0)207 471 9955 for more information.