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ISUOG Outreach at the World Congress



ISUOG Outreach will be hosting its annual Outreach Workshop during the 26th World Congress in Rome on Wednesday, 28 September 2016 from 1:50 PM to 2:50 PM, taking place in the Botticelli Hub Space at the Rome Park Marriot Hotel. Much like last year, the aim will be to engage with audience members on key topics regarding ISUOG's development work on the field and to provide a forum of discussion around innovating ways and methods to promote sustainable development in both women's health and ultrasound training.

Title: Outreach Workshop - teaching ultrasound on the field

Introduction: ISUOG Outreach - where we are at and what has been done (A. Johnson and G. Baez)

Hub 1: Tricks of the trade (A. Johnson) 
Hub 2: From a distance - a method for ultrasound quality control between continents  (H. Feltovitch)
Hub 3: Theory vs. Practical - how much of each is needed and where? (T. Cohen-Overbeek)
Hub 4: How to strengthen relationships between trainer and trainee (T. Eggebo)