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ISUOG Outreach Projects

ISUOG Outreach has worked in several regions in the world and you can read about each project and training course by clicking on the country below or on the left sidebar.





Papua New Guinea




Latest project

ISUOG Outreach in collaboration with the Australasian Society of Ultrasound in Medicine (ASUM) supported the work of  Dr. Nayana Parange in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea on conducting an outreach program at the Port Moresby Hospital and training 13 local practitioners on 23-26 October 2016. For more information, click here.

ISUOG has conducted Phase II Trip II of the Outreach Program in Kumasi, Ghana in March 2017. For more details about its success, click here.

Upcoming projects

ISUOG Outreach will also supporting the work of Dr. Nayana Parange in Perth, Western Australia on conducting workshops for GP's and Midwives working in local Aboriginal communities. Dates to still be confirmed so stay tuned!Read more about our previous work in Australia here.

ISUOG Outreach will be returning to Haiti to conduct Phase I, Trip I of the Haiti program in Cap-Haitien, Haiti in October 2017. To learn more about our previous project in Haiti, click here.

 ISUOG Outreach will also be returning to El-Obeid, Sudan to conduct Phase I, Trip II of the Sudan program in November 2017. To learn more about our previous project in Sudan, click here.

ISUOG Outreach Blog

During every training course, we invite our training team to write about their experiences and post photos on the the ISUOG Outreach Blog. The blog also offers an opportunity to subscribe so you never miss a post. Alternatively, subscribe via your RSS reader using this this feed

Affiliated projects

ISUOG Outreach also provides vital support to local NGOs and hospital training programs in under resourced regions through the provision of educational materials and resources. One such foundation is SANA Medical NGO, an NGO in Lebanon established by Dr. Reem Abu-Rustum in co-operation with ISUOG who provide theoretical and hands on training to health professionals in Lebanon as well as supporting communities in need to combat high levels of maternal morbidity. Dr. Abu-Rustum is also ISUOG's Ambassador to the Middle East and the Outreach Program. 

In April 2013, nine trainee nurses and midwives from the Government Hospital of Seer Al Dinnieh (GHSD) were awarded certificates for successful completion of the ‘ISUOG Outreach stepwise approach to basic ultrasound scanning in obtetrics’. ISUOG has since been greeted by the news that the team of trainees have launched an obstetrics prenatal clinic to support underserved Lebanese as well as Syrian refugees in Lebanon at the GHSD hospital.

Dr. Abu-Rustum, who is also the project leader, says, ‘Thanks to the support of ISUOG Outreach, SANA Medical NGO has been able to provide our trainees with the crucial skills in ultrasound medicine and the trainees have therefore been authorised by the Governmental Hospital of Seer Al Dinnieh to set up a new obstetrics clinic. We are proud to be able to provide this important service where 110 mothers-to-be are currently being supported.’

SANA continues to oversee the progress of the dedicated team as they carry out their extensive care and outreach all over the Dinnieh area. The success of the project has even allowed it to be presented at the AIUM Annual Convention in Las Vegas in March 2014.

A message from one of SANA's trainees in Lebanon can be found here.


Opportunities with the Outreach Program and Volunteering 

Interested in participating in one of our projects? Find out more about how you can volunteer with ISUOG Outreach.

If you are perhaps interested in sponsoring a project, making a donation or finding out more information on getting involved, please click here.