ISUOG is a busy medical association that facilitates, provides and promotes education and research in the field of ultrasound in obstetrics and gynecology worldwide. Our membership and activities have been growing steadily and with over 15,700 members based in 140 countries, the continued growth and development of our activities for members and proactive communication about them are key to our success.

Volunteer opportunities at ISUOG

Volunteer Translator/Reviewer: Patient Information

Get involved with ISUOG and help us disseminate high quality content around the world by volunteering to translate and review the lay language Patient Information leaflets in Hindi.

CME Task Force is recruiting

ISUOG's CME Task Force is looking for new members to assist with the development of online content for the 'ISUOG Academy' Learning Management System, to be launched in October 2020. Deadline for applications is Monday 9th March 2020.

Online Education Task Force is recruiting

This Online Education Content Task Force is recruiting new members to support two exciting projects, the development of an Intermediate Curriculum in ob/gyn ultrasound, and the development on online education content for the new 'ISUOG Academy' Learning Management System (LMS). Deadline for applications is Monday 9th March 2020.

Content Reviewers

Help develop ISUOG's online educational offering by reviewing lectures from our recent advanced education courses and content for the new 'ISUOG Academy' Learning Management System.

Get involved With VISUOG

Get involved with VISUOG, ISUOG's online encyclopedia, by contributing images or clips to our image bank, or by registering your interest to become an author or reviewer.

ISUOG Volunteer

With over 130 registered volunteers and teams working across four continents, the ISUOG Outreach program depends on the expertise and willingness of its volunteers to offer their time and dedication to help train health professionals around the world and ensure sustainablity and impact locally.

Become a Virtual Mentor

ISUOG Outreach is recruiting a number of volunteers to virtually support trainees in Oman and Sudan.