Weekly lecture pages and FAQs for the free ISUOG BT program "BT Flex", running from Monday 17th August to Saturday 11th September.

BT Flex: Certificate of completion

Click here to access the BT Flex assessment on the ISUOG Academy platform.


BT Flex: Week 1

Join us for week 1 of BT Flex, "The essentials of obstetric ultrasound", from 17th to 22nd August.

BT Flex: Week 2

Join us for week 2 of BT Flex, "An introduction to fetal growth & fetal anatomy" from 24th to 29th August.

BT Flex: Week 3

Join us for week 3 of BT Flex, "Identifying fetal anomalies", from Monday 31st August to Saturday 5th September.

BT Flex: Week 4

Join us for week 4 of BT Flex, Performing the gynecological scan, from Monday 7th to Friday 11th September.

BT Flex: Participant questions

Watch video responses to participant questions submitted during the BT Flex webinars.

BT Flex: Frequently asked questions

Find answers to your questions on the BT Flex program.