ISUOG now offers universities and training institutions the opportunity to run an ISUOG Basic Training program. This is a flexible approach to accessing high quality education and the program can be delivered by your own faculty in your own time.

Any individual member of ISUOG who is a faculty member of a university department or similar training setting in ultrasound in ob/gyn may request to run an ISUOG Basic Training course or full program. The courses are organised by your university or institution; ISUOG provides all necessary Basic Training educational resources and administrative support in order to ensure the highest quality and educational value to ultrasound in obstetrics and gynecology.  The material provided is in English and certification of completion can be obtained on completion (all delegates are required to register for certification for quality assurance purposes.)

This iniative provides a flexible and cost-efficient way to access ISUOG Basic Training, and promotes our mission of ensuring that all women receive a high standard of gynecological and obstetric care.

Become one of the first institutions to run your own Basic Training program - fill out this application form, or see below for more information. 

Course formats

The Basic Training program comprises 30 theoretical lectures, and a corresponding practical component with hands-on training and simulation modules developed by ISUOG experts. The theoretical lectures are organised into 4 distinct modules: 

  • Day 1: The principles of ultrasound and the obstetric scan
  • Day 2: The obstetric scan in more detail 
  • Day 3: Fetal anomalies
  • Day 4: The gynecological ultrasound scan

View the full list of lectures here

These days can be delivered in the following combinations:
1.    Full Basic Training program (theory, hands-on, and simulation)
2.    Full theoretical (only) Basic Training course (30 lectures delivered in 4 days)
3.    Days 1 & 2 Basic Training course on the basic principles and physics (theoretical and practical)
4.    Days 3 Basic Training course on fetal anomalies (theoretical and practical)
5.    Days 1, 2 & 4 Basic Training on general Ob/Gyn without anomalies (theoretical and practical)
6.    Days 1, 2 & 3 Basic Training on obstetrics (theoretical and practical)
7.    Day 4 Basic Training course on gynecology (theoretical and practical)


ISUOG now offers the opportunity to obtain a ceritificate of completion of the Basic Training program by taking theoretical and practical assessments and scoring at least 70%. All delegates of 'Run an ISUOG Basic Training' programs are required to register for certification as part of the program. This will support delegates' learning and is also essential for quality assurance of the program.

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Course fees

ISUOG provides the Basic Training curriculum and administrative support to institutions at no cost. Before the course, we ask that all attendees register directly with ISUOG for certification of completion of Basic Training; ISUOG will provide an assessment to be delivered at the end of the course and all successfull delegates will receive a certificate of completion. The fee per delegate for this certification assessment varies according to region and trainee status, as shown in the table below. 




UK and high-income countries*



Middle-income countries*


HINARI countries*



*According to the World Bank and HINARI list. See which group your region belongs to.  Fee includes posting costs for certificates of attendance and ISUOG information material

Membership fees explained:

  • We recommend that prior to running  a course, institutions enter an official partnership prior to the course so that ISUOG can offer all residents a 2-year free membership via ISUOG’s Trainee Program, including access to ISUOG's journal Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology.
  • During registration for certification, non-members will be charged a small additional fee for ISUOG Basic membership.

How to run an ISUOG Basic Training program

  • If you are interested in running you own Basic Training program, please fill out this short application form– please note all applications should be made at least four months in advance of the proposed date of the course.
  • The application will then be sent to the Basic Training Task Force for approval.
  • An answer will be provided to the organisers within a month of receipt of the original. The appropriate educational material will be shared within 2 months from the course start date. 
  • Once the organisers have signed and returned this course form to ISUOG, we will begin the support process. We will send course organisers a registration link, and once registration is completed, we will get in touch with the relevant information and materials for the next steps.

Requirements for running an ISUOG Basic Training program

In order to ensure that the organisation and running of the program is as smooth and easy as possible, we have developed the following requirements and conditions for all Run an ISUOG Basic Training programs:

Requirements for approval
These conditions need to be met by the organiser in order for the program to be approved by our Basic Training Task Force:  
•    The applicant should be a current member of ISUOG.
•     University departments and hospitals can choose to run the Basic Training courses with ISUOG faculty or their own faculty members, or a combination of the two.
•     Certain requirements of  ISUOG Basic Training courses must be followed:

  1. Pre and post-course assessments must be delivered to all delegates (supplied by ISUOG)
  2. ISUOG will get in contact with delegates before and after the course for purposes of evaluation, assessment and certification – the course leader should facilitate this where necessary. More information is available in the Education Manual which will be sent out to all course leaders, and please email any further queries to contact will be GDPR compliant - see our privacy policy.

•    The organiser agrees to deliver the Basic Training lectures and training without changing the content or the branding of the material provided.


Find out more

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