Marking the Endometriosis Awareness month, the second webinar of our ISUOG Webinar Series delves on diagnosis and management of endometriosis. The 2-hour long webinar, delivered in partnership with the World Endometriosis Society, featured an international panel of experts in endometriosis.

Lectures from our ISUOG webinar series will be free to watch for all registered delegates. We have also made the lectures free access for anyone with an ISUOG account. Please create your free ISUOG account or become a member to access the lectures.

Please read and download the Program for the webinar 'Endometriosis - In Conversation with International Experts':

Program: ISUOG webinar series 'Endometriosis - In Conversation with International Experts


Welcome and Introduction

Prof. George Condous and Dr Mathew Leonardi

The patient perspective on diagnosing endometriosis

Alexandra Camara, Endometriosis Foundation (Canada)

Standardization of imaging (IDEA, MUSA)

Dr Thierry Van den Bosch

What’s new in ultrasound (e.g. 3D)

Prof. Stefano Guerriero

Transvaginal sonography for Deep Endometriosis Surgery - what is HOT and what is NOT?

Dr Kristine Aas-Eng

Using MRI for surgical planning

Dr Cara King

Managing endometriosis

Prof. Jason Abbott

Opportunities and challenges for diagnostic imaging experts when engaging with endometriosis research

Dr James M. N. Duffy

Thank you and Close

Prof. George Condous and Dr Mathew Leonardi