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Fetal medicine: past, present and future

Prof. Kypros Nicolaides

Papers in the White Journal that have or should have changed your clinical practice

Prof. Basky Thilaganathan

Ultrasound in labour: how it helps clinical decision-making

Prof. Christoph Lees

The role of nuchal translucency in the era of cfDNA

Prof. (dr) C.M. (Katia) Bilardo

Everything there is to know about examining the fetal heart

Prof. Rabih Chaoui

The current state of the art the and potential future for fetal surgery

Dr Magda Sanz-Cortes in conversation with Prof. Jan Deprest, Prof. Yves Ville, Prof. Kurt Hecher and Dr Eduard Gratacos

What are the future developments in fetal medicine?

Prof. Laurent Salomon in conversation with Dr Lior Drukker, Dr Oliver Kagan, Dr Aly Youssef, Dr Alex Sotiriadis, Dr Karina Haratz

Lecture from the ISUOG 2020 Ian Donald Gold Medal winner

Prof. Davor Jurkovic

The IOTA approach to classifying ovarian tumours and diagnosing ovarian malignancy

Prof. Dirk Timmerman

The development of ultrasound as a tool to diagnose endometriosis – from soft markers to deep infiltrating endometriosis

Prof. George Condous

The one stop fertility scan: assessing the endometrial cavity, fallopian tubes and ovarian function

Dr Thierry Van den Bosch

The psychological impact of early pregnancy loss

Prof. Tom Bourne

The evidence based management of pregnancy of unknown location (PUL) and the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy

Dr Shabnam Bobdiwala

The gynecology Oncology MDT: a live discussion of case examples

Prof. Antonia Testa, Prof. Christina Fotopoulou and Dr Srdjan Saso