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A tribute to Philippe Jeanty, MD, PhD

Dr Roberto Romero

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Spontaneous preterm labor can be predicted and prevented: progress at last?

Dr Roberto Romero


How to carry out a 13 week neuroscan

Prof. Dario Paladini


Keys for an accurate diagnosis of complex fetal brain and body anomalies

Prof. Josh Copel in conversation with Dr Beryl Benacerraf and Prof. Ilan Timor-Tritsch

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How Artificial Intelligence will change the way we do obstetrical imaging

Dr Helen Feltovitch

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Why ultrasound is an essential tool when planning surgery in gynecology

Dr Mathew Leonardi


How to classify ovarian masses using the new ORADS system

Dr Rochelle Andreotti

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Monitoring fetal growth restriction and when to deliver: what are the next steps?

Prof. Ahmet Baschat, Prof. Christoph Lees, Prof. Aris Papageorghiou in conversation with Prof. Fabricio Da Silva Costa


Paradigm-shifting indications on fetal surgery

Dr Magda Sanz-Cortes


Updates on the management of twin pregnancies

Prof. Asma Khalil


First Trimester Fetal Cardiac Screening: Update on Formal Guidelines and Practice

Dr Reem Abu-Rustum


All you need to know to assess the fetal heart in the second trimester

Dr Alfred Abuhamad


How can we accurately predict and diagnose miscarriage

Dr Jessica Preisler Romanow


Controversies on the management of fetuses with lung anomalies

Dr Anthony Johnson and Dr Rogelio Cruz


Cell free DNA and use of transvaginal ultrasound for prenatal diagnosis

Dr Larry Platt