Declarations from our abstract presenters

The following presentations will include discussion of commercial products/services:

OC02.08; OC05.01; OC05.04; OC05.09; OC06.03; OC07.06; OC13.02; OP01.06; OP04.05; OP04.11; OP08.04; OP09.02; OP09.05; OP10.03; EP01.28; EP01.45; EP02.02; EP02.07; EP02.10; EP02.11; EP02.13; EP02.15; EP10.06; EP11.01; EP12.01; EP12.03; EP12.05; EP14.01; EP15.08; EP16.06; EP16.19; EP17.31; EP19.10; EP19.14; EP19.16; EP19.17; EP19.22;  EP23.16; EP26.01; EP33.01; EP34.03; EP34.18; EP37.06; EP37.29; EP38.01; EP38.08; EP41.06; EP42.19; EP43.20; EP45.11; EP46.07

The following presentations will include discussion of investigative or off label uses of products:

OC05.01; OC09.01; OC13.08; OP10.02; OP10.03; OP10.04; OP10.07; EP01.45; EP02.18; EP06.05; EP17.16; EP23.16; EP34.21; EP37.02

The following presentations will include discussion of clinical studies:

OC02.01; OC04.04; OC04.05; OC04.06; OC04.08; OC05.01; OC06.09; OC07.01; OC07.05; OC08.06; OC10.05; OC10.07; OC11.03; OC12.10; OC13.08; OC14.01; OP01.03; OP01.04; OP01.05; OP01.07; OP02.02; OP03.10; OP04.08; OP04.09; OP06.01; OP06.06; OP06.07; OP06.09; OP06.11; OP09.01; OP09.05; OP10.03; EP01.02; EP01.04; EP01.12; EP01.26; EP01.29; EP01.30; EP01.37; EP01.45; EP01.50; EP02.01; EP02.11; EP02.18; EP02.19; EP03.04; EP04.02; EP04.03; EP06.04; EP08.06; EP09.04; EP12.03; EP12.05; EP12.07; EP14.01; EP15.06; EP16.05; EP16.09; EP17.16; EP17.21; EP17.23; EP17.25; EP18.19; EP18.20; EP19.01; EP19.06; EP19.15; EP19.21; EP19.23; EP19.28; EP21.03; EP21.08; EP22.07; EP22.21; EP23.16; EP25.03; EP26.01; EP26.02; EP29.07; EP29.15; EP31.05; EP31.06; EP32.05; EP33.13; EP33.14; EP34.03; EP34.11; EP34.18; EP34.21; EP34.26; EP35.01; EP36.01; EP36.14; EP36.16; EP37.04; EP37.19; EP37.31; EP37.32; EP37.40; EP38.01; EP38.02; EP38.06; EP39.01; EP39.06; EP40.15; EP40.26; EP41.08; EP42.18; EP42.25; EP42.34; EP42.36; EP42.37; EP42.39; EP43.17; EP44.06; EP44.11; EP45.05; EP45.10; EP45.11; EP47.02; EP47.04; EP47.09; EP48.03

The following speaker declarations have been received

L. Dugoff: Arabin and Bioteque pessaries were used in the research trial.

T.Tellum: All medication mentioned is off-label, as there is no medication labelled for treatment of adenomyosis. Products include LNG IUS, GnRH, dienogest, NETA

G. Santoro: Will discuss commercially available ultrasound probes