If you are joining us onsite, please ensure that you read the following information.

The Congress will be hosted at London Novotel West, London, the UK. For more information and travel details see the venue information page. 

If you are travelling to the UK for the World Congress, please check Gov.uk to see if you need to apply for a visa and if you have not done so already, please do so urgently - you may need to select the express option at this stage due to long processing times. 

Before the Congress:

  • Confirm the details of the session: Save the date and time of the session in your calendar. Review the session running order and the names of the speakers and presentations. You can find the detailed program on the ISUOG website.
  • Submit your presentation: You should submit your slides in advance through the eOrganiser submissions portal. Details on how to do this have been sent to you by email.
  • Connect with faculty: Our team will put you in touch with the other session speakers and Chairs in advance. Make sure to introduce yourself ahead of the event. We won’t be able to share presentations in advance of the Congress so this will be your chance to find out more about the topics and talks from the speakers themselves.
  • Complete your declaration form: You must complete the faculty declaration ahead of the session. If you have not already then the session hall manager will ask you to complete the form onsite.

Practicalities on the day:

  • If you have not submitted your presentation, please submit in the speaker preparation room (St Julien room on the 2nd floor of the Novotel London West). It will be open at the following times: 
    • Thursday 15 September: 15:00 – 17:00 BST
    • Friday 16 September: 07:00 - 17:00 BST
    • Saturday 17 September: 07:00 - 17:00 BST
    • Sunday 18 September: 07:00 - 16:00 BST

Please make your way to this room as early as possible on the day before presenting, and no later than four hours prior to your start time.

  • Questions or queries about your session: If you have any questions about the session or your presentation then please visit the speaker preparation room where a member of our team will be able to support you. Please do this as soon as possible when you are onsite. Please be aware that this room is not suitable for meetings with other faculty however there will be plenty of alternative spaces available around the hotel and venue.
  • You must arrive at your session hall at least 30 minutes ahead of the session and check-in with the ISUOG session hall manager in your session hall: It is important that you arrive on time. If you are running late or unable to attend for any reason, please contact Jonathan Bennet ([email protected]) as soon as possible. ISUOG staff will manage every session hall. When you arrive in the room please make sure to introduce yourself to them. They will be available to answer any questions that you have and will ensure that everything is set up for the session.
  • Technical support: All technical issues will be dealt with by our AV team. Two ISUOG staff will also be on hand to deal with any issues within the room. If you have any concerns during the session please direct these to the session hall managers. 

Stage setup:

  • All faculty (including chairs) will be seated on the stage.
  • There are no lecterns. Instead, all faculty will wear a headset microphone. Speakers will have a remote clicker to move through presentation slides. This means speakers will have the freedom to move around the stage and engage with the audience.
  • Your presentation slides will be loaded in advance and you will be able to move through them using the remote clicker  provided. You will be able to see your slides on the comfort monitor located at the front of the stage. 
  • Once you have finished your talk you can return to your seat. The Chair will then lead a discussion with questions from the virtual and onsite audience.

Ultrasound demonstrations:

  • In relevant sessions, demonstrations will be taking place in an adjacent room. If you are involved in a scan demonstration you should go to this room 30 minutes before the start of the session.
  • At the end of the scan, you should return to the main stage for the Q&A.

Throughout the session:

  • Please be respectful of other faculty and  keep to time. Any talks that overrun will reduce the time for speakers later in the program. If you run over please expect the session Chair to interrupt you to ask you to wrap up.
  • Engage the audience during your talk; address both the virtual and onsite delegates directly.
  • Set a friendly and open tone for the session – we encourage debate but personal, inappropriate or offensive comments are not acceptable. Please remember the session is being recorded.  
  • All technical issues will be dealt with by our AV team. ISUOG staff will be on hand to deal with any issues within the room. If you have any concerns during the session please direct these to the session hall manager. 

If you have any questions you can contact our team at [email protected].