Gain an insight into this year's masterclass topics and speakers. With internationally acclaimed clinicians discussing their area of expertise, these sessions are not to be missed.

View our Congress masterclass program below which will cover top obstetrics and gynecology issues over three days.

Friday 16 September

First trimester fetal echocardiography: yes we can
  • Mini marathon of cardiac cases from 11 to 13 weeks - Simon Meagher (Australia)
  • False negative and false positive at 11 to 13 weeks - Rabih Chaoui (Germany)
Imaging in placenta accreta spectrum
  • The role of MRI - Elspeth Whitby (United Kingdom)
  • 3D and colour Doppler - Andrea Dall'Asta (Italy)
  • Ultrasound demonstration: 2D Ultrasound - Amarnath Bhide (United Kingdom)
How to recognise the typical features of some less common ovarian tumors: lessons from the imaging in gynecology series
  • Panel discussion - Antonia Testa (Italy)

Saturday 17 September

Expert panel: controversies about Aspirin to prevent placental dysfunction
  • Panel discussion - Shireen Meher (United Kingdom), Jon Hyett (Australia) and Stephen Tong (Australia)
Can artificial intelligence really screen the fetus?
  • Deep learning for estimating fetal gestational age - Fatima Crispi (Spain)
  • Deep learning for screening the fetal heart - Anita Moon-Grady (United States)
Endometriosis: linking the ultrasound appearances to the findings at surgery - a video masterclass
  • Panel discussion - Kristine Aas-Eng (Norway) and George Condous (Australia)
The first trimester scan
  • The comprehensive 11-13 weeks scan: an update on the ISUOG guidelines - Caterina Bilardo (Netherlands)
  • Ultrasound demonstration: the first trimester scan - Rabih Chaoui (Germany)
How can we improve the care of women with early pregnancy loss from diagnosis to prevention
  • Panel discussion - Siobhan Quenby (United Kingdom) and Arri Coomarasamy (United Kingdom)
Diagnosing and managing congenital infection made easy
  • Management of congenital infection: problem-based approach - Yves Ville (France)
  • ISUOG guidelines: an update - Asma Khalil (United Kingdom)
The present and future of prenatal diagnosis: way beyond chromosomal analysis
  • The present and future of prenatal diagnosis: genomics and NIPT for monogenic diseases - Lyn Chitty (United Kingdom)
Ultrasound in the prolonged second stage of labor: What? Why?
  • The use of ultrasound to guide and optimize maternal pushing - Aly Youssef (Italy)
  • The use of ultrasound during assisted vaginal birth - Larry Hinkson (Germany)
Understanding fertility through the eyes of ultrasound
  • Ultrasound demonstration: Understanding fertility through the eyes of ultrasound - Sotirios Saravelos (United Kingdom)

Sunday 18 September

40 cases that illustrate what you need to know about gynecological ultrasonography
  • Panel discussion - Antonia Testa (Italy), Beryl Benacerraf (United States) and Juan Luis Alcazar (Spain)
Big and small babies: how to manage and when to scan
  • Big babies: how to manage and when to deliver - Gerard Visser (Netherlands)
  • Small babies: which Dopplers and when? - Christoph Lees (United Kingdom)
The modern era of fetal surgery
  • Updates on the artificial placenta project - Eduard Gratacós (Spain)
  • What have we learned with the TOTAL trial? Is that the way to move forward in the field of fetal surgery? - Eduard Gratacós (Spain)
CNS anomalies in the third trimester: a diagnostic and counselling challenge
  • Ultrasound demonstration: the third trimester brain - Gustavo Malinger (Israel)
  • The third trimester brain: normal and abnormal development - Karina Krajden Haratz (Israel)
Preterm birth and twins: is there hope on the horizon?
  • Screening and prevention of preterm birth in twins: ISUOG guideline on preterm birth - Asma Khalil (United Kingdom)
  • Results of the PoPPS trial to prevent preterm birth with pessary in singletons: the US experience - Lorraine Dugoff (United States)
What should you be able to see on an early pregnancy scan: the power of ultrasound and embryology
  • 3D ultrasound / rendering and how this impacts on the ability to see embryonic structures - Harsha Shah (United Kingdom)
  • The 3D Atlas of Human Development (embryology and micro CT) - Bernadette De Bakker (Netherlands)
  • Clinical case examples from early pregnancy - Simon Meagher (Australia)