The following presentations will include discussion of commercial products/services:

OC01.01; OC02.07; OC03.03; OC04.01; OC09.01; OC10.06; OC11.02; OC11.03; OC12.06; OC13.08; OC16.07; OC17.08; OP01.02; OP01.05; OP03.06; OP05.08; OP06.02; OP06.09; OP16.01; OP17.03; OP17.09; EP01.10; EP01.14; EP01.17; EP02.05; EP02.08; EP02.10; EP02.11; EP02.13; EP02.18; EP02.20; EP02.23; EP02.31; EP02.38; EP02.40; EP02.43; EP02.46; EP03.04; EP03.16; EP06.07; EP06.20; EP08.21; EP10.13; EP12.10; EP13.07; EP13.12; EP15.25; EP17.02; EP18.47; EP21.09; EP22.01; EP24.11; EP24.35; EP24.38; EP25.25; EP26.12; EP29.11; EP29.12; EP29.13; EP30.17; EP34.04.

The following presentations will include discussion of investigative or off label uses of products:

OC04.01; OC07.03; OC09.01; EP02.13; EP03.16; EP07.02; EP09.09; EP17.02; EP25.15; EP25.24; EP28.08.

The following presentations will include discussion of clinical studies:

OC02.08; OC03.03; OC03.06; OC04.01; OC04.02; OC04.05; OC04.06; OC04.07; OC06.01; OC07.03; OC09.01; OC09.04; OC11.02; OC13.02; OC16.06; OC17.01; OC17.04; OC17.08; OC18.01; OC18.07; OC18.08; OC19.02; OC19.04; OC19.05; OP02.04; OP03.03; OP03.05; OP03.06; OP05.02; OP05.03; OP07.01; OP07.07; OP08.06; OP10.08;  OP11.04;  OP12.08; OP13.01; OP15.01; OP16.02; OP17.01; OP17.07; EP01.02; EP01.22; EP01.23; EP01.29; EP01.32; EP01.36; EP01.37; EP02.10; EP02.13; EP02.40; EP02.43; EP02.46; EP03.01; EP03.16; EP06.01; EP06.11; EP07.19; EP07.21; EP08.04; EP08.06; EP08.09; EP08.20; EP11.22; EP13.13; EP13.15; EP13.21; EP13.29; EP13.39; EP13.44; EP14.10; EP14.20; EP14.42; EP15.02; EP15.09; EP15.14; EP15.17; EP15.20; EP16.17; EP17.02; EP17.03; EP18.03; EP18.08; EP18.12; EP18.22; EP18.30; EP18.38; EP18.41; EP19.05; EP19.21; EP19.24; EP20.10; EP20.14; EP20.38; EP21.04; EP21.09; EP21.27; EP24.14; EP24.21; EP24.24; EP24.47;  EP25.13; EP25.16; EP25.18; EP25.24; EP26.05; EP26.27; EP27.17; EP27.20; EP28.08; EP30.02; EP31.05; EP31.06; EP31.17; EP32.06; EP32.12; EP32.15; EP33.01; EP33.06; EP34.01; EP34.02; EP34.08.

The following speaker declarations have been received:

  • R. Abu-Rustum: (EP02.13) The clinical trial ( NCT05329077) at the University of Florida is funded by the sponsor, Pulsenmore.
  • G. Albaiges Baiget: (OC08.02) Research sponsored by an unrestricted grant from Samsung
  • V. Chiappa: (OC03.03) On the Scientific Advisory Board of Deep Trace Technologies
  • V. Giorgione: (EP07.13) Samsung founded the present study, but was not involved in the design of the study.
  • Y. M. Jung: (EP02.14) Financial interest with Samsung Medison. The R&D division (AI vision group) provided the segmentation viewer and supported analysis of images.
  • Y. J. Jung: (EP02.07) Financial interest with Samsung Medison. The R&D division (AI vision group) provided the segmentation viewer and supported analysis of images.
  • Y. Komatsu: (OC07.03) L.E. Ling, J. H. Leu, A. Mirza, E. Lam, S. Saeed-Khawaja, and Y. Komatsu are employees of Janssen Research & Development, LLC, and may hold stock/stock options from Johnson & Johnson; M. de Haas has received consulting fees for providing advice for clinical studies from Momenta, Inc. and Janssen Pharmaceuticals, research funding (to the investigator) for studies on hemolytic disease of the fetus and newborn to identify biomarkers related with severe disease and honoraria from GLC Healthcare, Inc. from podcast content on neonatal alloimmune neutropenia;  M.L. Tjoa is an employee of Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson, and may hold stock/stock options from Johnson & Johnson; E. Tiblad, E. Lopriore and D. Oepkes has received consulting fees for membership of steering committees and advisory boards for clinical studies from Momenta, Inc. and Janssen Pharmaceuticals; K.J. Moise Jr. has received funding from Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc paid on his behalf to Dell Medical School at the University of Texas at Austin for a clinical trial on a monoclonal antibody for the treatment of hemolytic disease of the fetus/newborn, royalty funding from UpToDate, Inc. for authorship on various chapters, consulting fees from Health Management Associates, Inc. for consultation on the formation of fetal centers, consulting fees from BillionToOne, Inc. paid on his behalf to Dell Medical School at the University of Texas at Austin, honoraria from GLC Healthcare, Inc for podcast content on hemolytic disease of the fetus/newborn, and serves as a nonpaid consultant for Immunology for Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 
  • J.Y. Kwon: (OP06.05) Samsung Medison - the R&D division (AI vision) provided segmentation tool and supported analysis of images. However, the study did not benefit from any financial support.
  • M.S. Lee: (OP06.02) I work as a medical director in the Medical AI Co., Ltd.
  • A. Papageorghiou: (EP02.20) Samsung has provided a trial ultrasound system to the institution; (EP02.46) I am a scientific advisor to Intelligent Ultrasound that creates AI based ultrasound analysis tools used by GE, including the system evaluated in this abstract.
  • N. Parker: (OC04.01) Illumina provided some of the consumables for the study.
  • C.A. Philip: (OC09.01) EDAP-TMS (France) I am a consultant for the research.
  • M. Ruma: (EP02.38 and EP12.10) I am a speaker, consultant and do research for Philips Ultrasound.
  • H. Shah: (OC16.07, OP16.01 and EP08.21) Samsung Medison provide travel costs and speaking fees for research in three-dimensional ultrasound.
  • J. Stirnemann: (OC01.01) The abstract discusses the validation of the product from manufacturer Sonio, of which I am a co-founder; (EP02.43) I am a co-founder of Sonio.
  • B. Stos: (EP02.02) M. Levy, B. Stos and C. Gardella are shareholders of BrightHeart.  V. Thorey, E. Askinazi and C. Gardella are employees of BrightHeart; (EP24.38) We have created a fetal cardiology training company and website (Hebee SAS), some of the content of which is accessible through a subscription. However, the 54321 method is freely available on the website.
  • M. Tavares: (EP24.11) Co-founder of Northh medical GmbH.
  • J. Tolosa: (EP02.18 and EP02.23) O.P.U.S Volutracer simulator equipment loaned at no cost for the teaching activity by the manufacturer
  • A. Zanbouaa: (EP06.11) My PhD was a collaboration with Deepecho.
  • Tina Tellum: Presentation will include discussion of treatment of adenomyosis including medical options will be presented. All currently available medical treatment of adenomyosis is considered off-label, but this will be clearly communicated.
  • Scott Shianker: Presentation will review clinical studies on US markers of PAS
  • Anita Moon-Grady: Presentation will discuss research activities using FDA-approved devices and software. The data are available from the investigators upon reasonable request.
  • Jon Hyett: Published studies on intrapartum use of ultrasound will be identified / referenced.
  • Lior Drukker: Honorarium from SAMSUNG and GE HEALTHCARE
  • Francesca Grati: Is an employee of Menarini Silicon Biosystems (Menarini company). Will present the results of a proof-of-concept study with a new CB-NIPT technology
  • Mary Norton: Will discuss results of published clinical studies that have undergone peer review
  • Joseph Yazbek: There are no limitations on the data of the studies that I am discussing
  • Juan Luis Alcazar: Receives fee from Samsung
  • Chris Kyriacou: Any clinical studies will already be published so limitations will be there for discussion already. Any clinical studies in progress will be clearly signposted, alongside the limitations to current findings.
  • Ritsuko Pooh: I am the CEO of Ritz Medical Co.Ltd that is specializing clinical genetic examination.
  • Ja-Young Kwon: The presentation will cover various AI product applied in various US companies.
  • Dirk Timmerman: Will discuss academic non-commercial studies only
  • Nina Cooper: I will likely mention the use of the GE VScan Air device as the form of handheld ultrasound which we use in our department and would be useful in the resource poor setting. I do not have any financial interest or link to GE.
  • Gregor Kasprian: Will discuss Synthetic MRI – SyMRI. Clinical studies on fetal MRI are provided and reported. All limitations will be disclosed and/or can be identified in the referenced literature.
  • Simon Meagher: Will discuss commercial products from GE and Samsung
  • Liona Poon: Will discuss commercially available Ultrasound machines.
  • Aris Papageorghiou: Will discuss commercially available ultrasound images will be used but the logos will be removed. I am co-founder of Intelligent Ultrasound that creates software and systems to improve the use of clinical ultrasound.
  • Christoph Lees: I have been asked to give a talk for Samsung in the hospitality suite. Honorarium from Samsung for a talk.
  • Wolfgang Henrich: Will discuss Celox pph , company Medtrade
  • George Condous: Will discuss commercially available products from SAMSUNG HERA10. Declared Honorarium from SAMSUNG and GE HEALTHCARE