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Get the inside edge from Prof. Simon Meagher discussing 'Fetal Anomalies' at World Congress 2022.

Congress program sessions

Workshop: Optimal management of multiple pregnancies

  • How to mange discordant fetal anomalies: invasive diagnostic intervention

Workshop: Artificial intelligence and obstetric care: possibilities and impossibilities

  • AI-assisted discussion of fetal anomalies

Workshop: Revealing the tips and tricks on how to perform an adequate fetal brain evaluation by ultrasound and MRI

  • Anomalies of the ventricular system. How to approach this diagnosis and implications for counselling
  • The brain in the second trimester scan – how to enhance the detection rate of anomalies?
  • Systematic evaluation of the fetal sulcation – diagnosing cortical anomalies
  • Beyond the T2: understanding other MRI sequences for the diagnosis of fetal brain anomalies

Oral Communications: Fetal brain and CNS anomalies

Oral presentations: Fetal brain and CNS anomalies

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Scan imaging in the first trimester

Dr Simon Meagher highlights clinical examples of ultrasound imaging during the first trimester of pregnancy

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Patient Information 

Ultrasound in pregnancy

This leaflet is to help you understand the use of ultrasound in pregnancy, the timing of your scans, and what additional scans you might need during your pregnancy.

Normal early pregnancy ultrasound

This leaflet is to help you understand the use and goals of early pregnancy ultrasound, how to prepare for it, and what to watch out for.


Learning Modules 


VISUOG chapters

Normal Early pregnancy.png

Normal Early Pregnancy

Early pregnancy ultrasound plays an important role in confirmation of pregnancy, establishing viability and location of the pregnancy, confirming fetal number and type of placentation in multiple pregnancy and facilitating early diagnosis of life-threatening abnormalities such as ectopic or molar pregnancy. In this chapter, we will provide the reader with key information on the value of early pregnancy ultrasound.

First Trimester

Explore chapters in the first trimester.


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