Learn more about our World Congress 2023 program topic - Fetal Brain and CNS - via our educational resources below. From videos to UOG articles, VISUOG chapters, Learning modules and ISUOG Guidelines.

Get insight from Prof. Gustavo Malinger and Prof. Ritsuko Pooh on Fetal Brain and CNS evaluation at World Congress 2022.

Congress program sessions

Masterclass: Advanced neurosonography: from technique to final diagnosis

Presentations include:

  • [Ultrasound demonstration] How to perform an advanced fetal brain scan
  • Fetal neurosonography in the era of advanced genetic investigation

Oral Communications: Fetal neurosonography and CNS anomalies

Oral presentations: Fetal brain and CNS anomalies

Workshop: Revealing the tips and tricks on how to perform an adequate fetal brain evaluation by ultrasound and MRI

Presentations include:

  • Anomalies of the ventricular system: how to approach this diagnosisand implications for counselling
  • The brain in the second trimester: how to enhance the detection rateof anomalies?
  • Systematic evaluation of the fetal sulcation: diagnosing corticalanomalies
  • Beyond the T2: understanding other MRI sequences for the diagnosisof fetal brain anomalies

Pre-Congress Course Using ultrasound to get to the crux of the matter: fetal brain and heart
Date: Sunday 15 October
Presentations include:

  • [Ultrasound demonstration] How to assess posterior fossa in abasic and advanced CNS scan
  • Classic cerebellar conditions (Dandy–Walker malformation,vermian hypoplasia, Blake's pouch cyst and megacisterna magna)
  • Classic cerebellar conditions (Dandy–Walker malformation,vermian hypoplasia, Blake's pouch cyst and megacisterna magna)
  • Abnormal posterior fossa and Chiari II malformation
  • [Ultrasound demonstration] How to assess corpus callosum andmidline in basic and advanced CNS scan
  • Most common anomalies in the corpus callosum: how to detectthem and their impact on development
  • Early diagnosis of midline anomalies: holoprosencephaly, septaland callosal dysgenesis. Tips and tricks for sonographic diagnosis
  • Advantages of MRI in the workup of complex midline anomalies



Supplement Your Learning

Make the most of this learning experience ahead of World Congress 2023 with ISUOG's collection of resources on fetal brain and central nervous system (CNS). The material below, will take you from the most basics to a more comprehensive view of fetal brain and CNS, some open to everyone and some available only to ISUOG members – some may even grant you CME points.


Agenesis of the septum pellucidum main pic.JPG

Agenesis of Septum Pellucidum

Absence of the septum pellucidum is found with many cerebral malformations, including holoprosencephaly, agenesis of corpus callosum, ventriculomegaly, open spina bifida, cortical malformations. It may be an isolated abnormality and in this case the cerebral anatomy is unremarkable but for fusion of the frontal horns.

Severe Ventirulomegaly main pic.JPG

Severe ventriculomegaly

The current definition is an increased size of the lateral ventricles, with a transverse diameter of the atrium in excess of 15mm without evidence of other cerebral malformations. It is a rare condition, usually a part of complex cerebral abnormalities, less frequently the consequence of obstructed cerebrospinal fluid turnover.

Intracranial Hemorrage main pic.JPG1

Intracranial hemorrage

Intracranial hemorrage may occur within the lateral ventricles or in the subdural space. The sonographic appearance changes with time. An echogenic collection is first seen, and in the following days it develops into a complex mass frequently complicated by sever ventriculomegaly. In the most severe forms the hemoragge may be complicated by an infarct in the brain parenchyma. The etiology is variable.

Porencephaly main pic.JPG


Porencephaly is characterized by single or multiple cysts replacing the brain parenchyma. The cyst may communicate with the lateral ventricle, subarachnoid space or both. It is usually a sporadic condition caused by hemorrage, ischemia or infections.

Dandy walker complex main pic.JPG

Dandy-Walker Complex

Under this term are included a group of conditions that share in common one sonographic findings: the impression that the fourth ventricle communicates with the cisterna magna. These conditions include: Dandy-Walker malformation, Blake’s pouch cyst, vermian hypoplasia/agenesis. They have a similar sonographic appearance, particularly in early gestation, and differentiation requires a multiplanar approach.

Yolk Sac Tumors

This leaflet is to help you understand what Yolk Sac Tumors are, what tests you need and the implication of having been diagnosed with Agnesis of Septum Pellucidum is for you, your baby and your family.


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