From ergonomics to breast ultrasound, find out more about the new sessions being run at Congress.

The Scientific Committee and the ISUOG team read delegates feedback and assess how we can enhance the Congress to better suit the needs of attendees. Below are some of the new ideas we have introduced. 

Feel like you missed talks from one of the session halls? This year a group of upcoming faculty members will be based in three of the obstetric halls takings notes on the most important takeaway messages from the day. They will then present these at end of day sessions in the Hubs along with cold beers and soft drinks.
Session title: Key messages from Monday and Key messages from Tuesday
Day: Monday 14 October and Tuesday 15 October
Time: 17:30-18:00

BACK PAIN – Wellbeing of the clinician 
Suffer with back pain? Have you considered it’s the way you are scanning? Dr Susan Westerway and Delwyn Nicholls will be running a session on ergonomic techniques that may assist in avoiding or overcoming back problems 
Session title: Techniques for avoiding musculoskeletal and back injuries whilst scanning: ergonomics for sonologists and sonographers
Day: Tuesday 15 October
Time: 16:25-17:25

As regular attendees will know, breast ultrasound is not a usual topic at the ISUOG World Congress as many countries separate breast ultrasound from obstetrics and gynecology. As this is not the case in Germany, and experts have put together a session specifically on this topic. Attend the session to learn about a different aspect of imaging. 
Session title: Use of ultrasound for breast imaging
Day: Sunday 13 October
Time: 13:45-15:15

This year the certificate program will focus on fetal brain. Prof Daniela Prayer and Prof Gustavo Malinger have created a learning pathway which specifically focuses on this topic. These sessions will be marked in the final printed program and app for delegates to attend. You can take part in the certificate by attending these sessions (ensure you’re scanned in at the door) and taking the electronic end of course test. Learn more here:

With the rise of legal cases again clinicians, medico-legal issues are always an important topic. Prof Asma Khalil will address common themes of ultrasound-related litigation, share experiences with medico-legal cases and discuss how to avoid litigation
Session title: In conversation with A. Khalil: medico-legal cases
Day: Tuesday 15 October
Time: 10:45-11:45

A comment in Nature, signed by over 800 researchers, called for a rise up against statistical significance. This was followed by a special issue of The American Statistician aimed at halting the use of the term "statistically significant", and new guidelines for statistical reporting in the New England Journal of Medicine. In this HUB, we discuss the broader context of the "p-value crisis" and alternatives for communicating the conclusions after statistical analyses.
Session title: Why 'P' valves are not the be all and end all
Day: Monday 14 October
Time: 16:25-17:25