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Maternal Hemodynamics special issue in January 2017

ASPRE trial: performance of screening for preterm pre‐eclampsia
Daniel L. Rolnik, David Wright, Liona C. Poon, Argyro Syngelaki, Neil O’Gorman, Catalina de Paco Matallana, Ranjit Akolekar, Simona Cicero, Deepa Janga, Mandeep Singh, Francisca S. Molina, Nicola Persico, Jacques C. Jani, Walter Plasencia, George Papaioannou, Kinneret Tenenbaum‐Gavish, Kypros H. Nicolaides

De‐Novo Abnormal Uteroplacental Circulation in the Third Trimester: Pregnancy Outcome and Pathological Implications
Julia Binder, Caitriona Monaghan, Baskaran Thilaganathan, Silvia Carta, Asma Khalil

Association of chronic hypertension with birth of small‐for‐gestational‐age neonate
A. M. Panaitescu, A. A. Baschat, R. Akolekar, A. Syngelaki, K. H. Nicolaides

sFlt‐1 and PlGF kinetics during and after pregnancy in women with suspected or confirmed preeclampsia
Langeza Saleh, Anton H. van den Meiracker, Roos Geensen, Aslihan Kaya, Jeanine E. Roeters van Lennep, Johannes J. Duvekot, Koen Verdonk, Eric A. P. Steegers, Henk Russcher, Jan A. H. Danser, Willy Visser

Decreased endothelial function and increased subclinical heart failure in women, many years after pre‐eclampsia
N. M. Breetveld, C. Ghossein‐Doha, J. van Neer, M. J. J. M. Sengers, L. Geerts, S. M. J. van Kuijk, A. P. van Dijk, M. J. van der Vlugt, W. M. Heidema, H. P. Brunner‐La Rocca, R. R. Scholten, M. E. A. Spaanderman

Perinatal outcome and placental apoptosis in patients with late‐onset pre‐eclampsia and abnormal uterine artery Doppler at diagnosis
Marcelo Rodríguez, Constanza Couve‐Pérez, Sebastián San Martín, Felipe Martínez, Carlo Lozano, Alvaro Sepúlveda‐Martínez

Chronic hypertension and adverse pregnancy outcome: a cohort study
A. M. Panaitescu, A. Syngelaki, N. Prodan, R. Akolekar, K. H. Nicolaides

Placental histopathology associated with preeclampsia: A systematic review and Meta‐Analysis 
Maria Letizia Falco, Janani Sivanathan, Arianna Laoreti, Basky Thilaganathan, Asma Khalil

Placental histology findings in relation to pre‐eclampsia: implications for interpretation of retrospective studies
Neil Sebire

Prediction of delivering a small for gestational age infant and adverse perinatal outcome in women with suspected pre‐eclampsia
Melanie Griffin, Paul T Seed, Suzy Duckworth, Robyn North, Jenny Myers, Lucy Mackillop, Nigel Simpson, Jason Waugh, Dilly Anumba, Louise C Kenny, Christopher W G Redman, Andrew H Shennan, Lucy C Chappell

Hidden high rate of pre‐eclampsia in twin compared with singleton pregnancy
C. Francisco, D. Wright, Z. Benkő, A. Syngelaki, K. H. Nicolaides