Accepted articles that are published online and awaiting print publication.

Articles that are accepted for publication in Ultrasound in Obstetrics & Gynecology are published online as a PDF in manuscript format within 2 weeks. These 'Accepted Articles' have been peer-reviewed and accepted for formal publication, but have not been subject to copyediting, typesetting or proof correction.

This service provides for the earliest possible dissemination of research data following article acceptance. Accepted Articles are given a Digital Object Identifier (DOI), which allows them to be cited and tracked. The DOI remains unique to a given article in perpetuity and can continue to be used to cite and access the article further to print publication.

Accepted Articles are indexed by PubMed; therefore the submitting author must carefully check the names and affiliations of all authors provided in the cover page of the manuscript, as it will not be possible to alter these once a paper is made available online in Accepted Article format. Ultimately, the Accepted Article will be replaced by the final copyedited and proofed article published on Wiley Online Library and the link to the article in PubMed updated.

View papers currently available in Accepted Article format on the UOG Wiley Online Library site.