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September 2023

Outcome following laser surgery of twin–twin transfusion syndrome complicated by selective fetal growth restriction: systematic review and meta-analysis

F. D'Antonio,  D. Marinceu,  S. Prasad,  N. Eltaweel,  A. Khalil

Diagnosis and management of isthmocele (Cesarean scar defect): a SWOT analysis

J. A. Dominguez,  L. Alonso Pacheco,  E. Moratalla,  J. A. Carugno,  M. Carrera,  F. Perez-Milan,  M. Caballero,  J. L. Alcázar

Development and clinical validation of real-time artificial intelligence diagnostic companion for fetal ultrasound examination

J. J. Stirnemann,  R. Besson,  E. Spaggiari,  S. Rojo,  F. Loge,  H. Peyro-Saint-Paul,  S. Allassonniere,  E. Le Pennec,  C. Hutchinson,  N. Sebire,  Y. Ville

Postnatal genetic and neurodevelopmental assessment in infants born at term with severely low birth weight of non-placental origin

M. F. Paz y Miño,  M. Pauta,  E. Meler,  I. Matas,  E. Mazarico,  A. Camacho,  M. Segura,  F. Figueras,  A. Borrell

Midline suprapineal pseudocyst in brain of fetuses with open spina bifida

Y. Kunpalin,  J. Sichitiu,  P. Krishan,  S. Blaser,  P. Shannon,  T. Van Mieghem,  S. Shinar

Fetal neurosonography as accurate tool for diagnosis of brain involvement in tuberous sclerosis

G. Malinger,  A. Prabhu,  A. Maroto González,  M. Brusilov,  D. Kidron,  R. Amster,  R. Birnbaum,  K. Krajden Haratz

Normal and abnormal appearance of fetal ganglionic eminence on second-trimester three-dimensional ultrasound

E. Contro,  N. Volpe,  L. Larcher,  A. Dall'Asta,  M. A. Penas Da Costa,  G. Vairo,  E. Di Pasquo,  I. Giorgini,  T. Ghi

Ganglionic eminence: volumetric assessment of transient brain structure utilizing fetal magnetic resonance imaging

M. Stuempflen,  A. Taymourtash,  P. Kienast,  V. U. Schmidbauer,  E. Schwartz,  C. Mitter,  J. Binder,  D. Prayer,  G. Kasprian,  Collaborators

Does treatment modality affect measures of arterial stiffness in women with gestational diabetes?

A. R. Anness,  M. Nath,  M. W. Osman,  D. Webb,  T. Robinson,  A. Khalil,  H. A. Mousa

Reproductive history does not compromise subsequent live birth and perinatal outcome following in-vitro fertilization: analysis of 25 329 first frozen–thawed embryo transfer cycles without preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy

D. Chen,  Q. Xu,  X. Mao,  J. Zhang,  L. Wu

August 2023

Corpus callosal reference ranges: systematic review of methodology of biometric chart construction and measurements obtained

R. Corroenne,  D. Grevent,  G. Kasprian,  J. Stirnemann,  Y. Ville,  H. Mahallati,  L. J. Salomon

Implication of third-trimester screening accuracy for small-for-gestational age and additive value of third-trimester growth-trajectory indicators in predicting severe adverse perinatal outcome in low-risk population: pragmatic secondary analysis of IRIS study

M. van Roekel,  J. Henrichs,  A. Franx,  C. J. Verhoeven,  A. de Jonge

Uterine artery Doppler in early labor and perinatal outcome in low-risk term pregnancy: prospective multicenter study

A. Dall'asta,  F. Figueras,  G. Rizzo,  R. Ramirez Zegarra,  G. Morganelli,  M. Giannone,  A. Cancemi,  I. Mappa,  C. Lees,  T. Frusca,  T. Ghi

First-trimester choroid-plexus-to-lateral-ventricle disproportion and prediction of subsequent ventriculomegaly

S. Prasad,  C. Di Fabrizio,  N. Eltaweel,  E. Kalafat,  A. Khalil

Incidence of sex chromosome aneuploidy in a prenatal population: 27-year longitudinal study in Northern Italy

C. A. Samango-Sprouse,  F. R. Grati,  M. Brooks,  M. P. Hamzik,  K. Khaksari,  A. Gropman,  A. Taylor,  F. Malvestiti,  B. Grimi,  R. Liuti,  S. Milani,  S. Chinetti,  A. Trotta,  C. Agrati,  E. Repetti,  K. A. Martin

Prediction of preterm birth by measurement of cervical length on transvaginal ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging in pregnancies complicated by twin–twin transfusion syndrome and treated with laser surgery

R. Fresch,  B. Forde,  M. Habli,  H. Masters,  S. Tabbah,  D. McKinney,  E. A. DeFranco

Imaging in gynecological disease (25): clinical and ultrasound characteristics of intramural pregnancy

S. Nijjar,  C. Bottomley,  E. Jauniaux,  D. Jurkovic

Visualization of sacral nerve roots and sacral plexus on gynecological transvaginal ultrasound: feasibility study

G. Szabó,  I. Madár,  G. Hudelist,  Z. Arányi,  K. Turtóczki,  J. Rigó Jr,  N. Ács,  L. Lipták,  V. Fancsovits,  A. Bokor

July 2023

Prediction of postnatal circulation in pulmonary atresia/critical stenosis with intact ventricular septum: systematic review and external validation of models

C. Villalaín,  A. J. Moon-Grady,  U. Herberg,  J. Strainic,  J. L. Cohen,  A. Shah,  D. S. Levi,  E. Gómez-Montes,  I. Herraiz,  A. Galindo

Prevalence of adenomyosis in women with subfertility: systematic review and meta-analysis

I. Mishra,  P. Melo,  C. Easter,  V. Sephton,  R. Dhillon-Smith,  A. Coomarasamy

Uterine junctional zone and adenomyosis: comparison of MRI, transvaginal ultrasound and histology

M. J. Harmsen,  L. M. Trommelen,  R. A. de Leeuw,  T. Tellum,  L. J. M. Juffermans,  A. W. Griffioen,  I. Thomassin-Naggara,  T. Van den Bosch,  J. A. F. Huirne

Double aortic arch: implications of antenatal diagnosis, differential growth of arches during pregnancy, associated abnormalities and postnatal outcome

M. Bartsota,  V. Jowett,  D. Manuel,  K. Mortensen,  J. Wolfenden,  J. Marek,  J. S. Carvalho

Pregnancy loss in major fetal congenital heart disease: incidence, risk factors and timing

B. M. Jepson,  T. D. Metz,  T. A. Miller,  S. L. Son,  Z. Ou,  A. P. Presson,  A. Nance,  N. M. Pinto

Complication rate after termination of pregnancy for fetal defects

T. Spingler,  J. Sonek,  M. Hoopmann,  N. Prodan,  H. Abele,  K. O. Kagan

Congenital hypotonia: systematic approach for prenatal detection

T. Weissbach,  M. Hausman-Kedem,  Z. Yanay,  R. Meyer,  O. Bar-Yosef,  L. Leibovitch,  M. Berkenstadt,  O. Chorin,  H. Shani,  A. Massarwa,  R. Achiron,  B. Weisz,  R. Sharon,  S. Mazaki-Tovi,  E. Kassif

Management of late-onset fetal growth restriction: pragmatic approach

R. Peasley,  L. A. Abrego Rangel,  D. Casagrandi,  V. Donadono,  M. Willinger,  G. Conti,  Y. Seminara,  N. Marlow,  A. L. David,  G. Attilakos,  P. Pandya,  A. Zaikin,  D. Peebles,  R. Napolitano

Cerebral volume is unaffected after pre-eclampsia

L. P. W. Canjels,  R. J. Alers,  V. van de Ven,  P. P. M. Hurks,  S. C. Gerretsen,  Y. Brandt,  M. E. Kooi,  J. F. A. Jansen,  W. H. Backes,  C. Ghossein-Doha,  M. E. A. Spaanderman

Impact of body mass index on markers of vascular health in normotensive women with history of pre-eclampsia

W. H. Heidema,  J. Van Drongelen,  M. E. A. Spaanderman,  R. R. Scholten

Confined placental mosaicism: placental size and function evaluated on magnetic resonance imaging

J. J. Dyhr,  I. R. Linderoth,  D. N. Hansen,  J. B. Frøkjær,  D. A. Peters,  M. Sinding,  A. Sørensen

Assessment of ultrasound features of placenta accreta spectrum in women at high risk: association with outcome and interobserver concordance

A. Bhide,  A. M. Hussein,  R. M. Elbarmelgy,  R. A. Elbarmelgy,  M. M. Thabet,  E. Jauniaux

June 2023

Fetal endoscopic tracheal occlusion for congenital diaphragmatic hernia: systematic review and meta-analysis

Y. Chen,  R. Xu,  X. Xie,  T. Wang,  Z. Yang,  J. Chen

Pre-eclampsia screening in Denmark (PRESIDE): national validation study

I. Riishede,  L. Rode,  L. Sperling,  M. Overgaard,  J. D. Ravn,  P. Sandager,  H. Skov,  S. R. Wagner,  P. Nørgaard,  T. D. Clausen,  C. A. Juel Jensen,  K. Pihl,  F. S. Jørgensen,  J. K. Munk,  H. J. Zingenberg,  N. G. Pedersen,  M. R. Andersen,  A. Wright,  D. Wright,  A. Tabor,  C. K. Ekelund

ASPRE trial: effects of aspirin on mean arterial blood pressure and uterine artery pulsatility index trajectories in pregnancy

D. L. Rolnik,  A. Syngelaki,  N. O'Gorman,  D. Wright,  L. C. Poon,  K. H. Nicolaides

Adverse outcome following selective termination of presenting twin vs non-presenting twin

H. Miremberg,  H. Rosen,  B. Weisz,  D. Tirosh,  R. Hershkovitz,  S. Stern,  S. Porat,  B. Beloshevski,  Y. Melcer,  Y. Goldberg,  N. Boms Yonai,  M. Awawdeh,  Z. Leibovitz,  J. Shalev,  L. Gindes

Plugging membranes after fetoscopy in congenital diaphragmatic hernia: early cost-effectiveness analysis

J. Janssen,  J. van Drongelen,  W. F. Daamen,  J. P. C. Grutters

Presurgery motor level assessment for prediction of motor level at birth in fetuses undergoing prenatal repair of open spina bifida: time to abandon anatomical level in counseling

N. Maiz,  S. Arévalo,  P. García-Manau,  M. Meléndez,  C. Giné,  C. Rodó,  M. López,  E. Carreras

Spectrum of brain malformations in fetuses with mild tubulinopathy

R. Hagege,  K. Krajden Haratz,  G. Malinger,  L. Ben-Sira,  Z. Leibovitz,  D. Heron,  L. Burglen,  R. Birnbaum,  S. Valence,  B. Keren,  L. Blumkin,  J.-M. Jouannic,  T. Lerman-Sagie,  C. Garel

Correlation of short-term variation derived from novel ambulatory fetal electrocardiography monitor with computerized cardiotocography

B. Liu,  B. Thilaganathan,  A. Bhide

Phase-rectified signal averaging: correlation between two monitors and relationship with short-term variation of fetal heart rate

B. Liu,  B. Thilaganathan,  A. Bhide

ISUOG Practice Guidelines (updated): fetal cardiac screening

J. S. Carvalho,  R. Axt-Fliedner,  R. Chaoui,  J. A. Copel,  B. F. Cuneo,  D. Goff,  L. Gordin Kopylov,  K. Hecher,  W. Lee,  A. J. Moon-Grady,  H. A. Mousa,  H. Munoz,  D. Paladini,  F. Prefumo,  E. Quarello,  J. Rychik,  B. Tutschek,  M. Wiechec,  S. Yagel

May 2023

Pregnancy and perinatal outcomes of early vs late selective termination in dichorionic twin pregnancy: systematic review and meta-analysis

S. Sorrenti,  D. Di Mascio,  A. Khalil,  N. Persico,  F. D'Antonio,  F. Zullo,  V. D'Ambrosio,  G. Greenberg,  J. Hasson,  F. Vena,  L. Muzii,  R. Brunelli,  A. Giancotti

Malformation of cortical development with abnormal cortex: early ultrasound diagnosis between 14 and 24 weeks of gestation

K. Krajden Haratz,  R. Birnbaum,  D. Kidron,  J. Har-Toov,  Y. Salemnick,  M. Brusilov,  G. Malinger

Brain cortical maturation assessed by magnetic resonance imaging in unaffected or mildly affected fetuses with cytomegalovirus infection

A. Hawkins-Villarreal,  A. L. Moreno-Espinosa,  K. Castillo,  N. Hahner,  O. Picone,  L. Mandelbrot,  I. Simon,  E. Gratacós,  A. Goncé,  E. Eixarch

Prenatal detection of congenital heart disease at 12–13 gestational weeks: detailed analysis of false-negative cases

L. Bottelli,  V. Franzè,  G. Tuo,  F. Buffelli,  D. Paladini

Femur development in fetal growth restriction as observed on prenatal magnetic resonance imaging

S. F. Nemec,  U. Schwarz-Nemec,  D. Prayer,  M. Weber,  D. Bettelheim,  G. Kasprian

Predicting spontaneous preterm birth in asymptomatic high-risk women with cervical cerclage

A. E. Ridout,  G. Ross,  P. T. Seed,  N. L. Hezelgrave,  R. M. Tribe,  A. H. Shennan

Psychological impact of simple scoring system for predicting early pregnancy outcome in pregnancy of uncertain viability: randomized controlled trial

K. Lawson,  T. Bourne,  C. Bottomley

Prevalence of deep and ovarian endometriosis in women attending a general gynecology clinic: prospective cohort study

P. Chaggar,  T. Tellum,  N. Thanatsis,  L. V. De Braud,  T. Setty,  D. Jurkovic

April 2023

Effectiveness and safety of prenatal valacyclovir for congenital cytomegalovirus infection: systematic review and meta-analysis

F. D'Antonio,  D. Marinceu,  S. Prasad,  A. Khalil

Prenatal screening and diagnosis of pulmonary artery anomalies

E. Lesieur,  S. Zaffran,  R. Chaoui,  E. Quarello

Birth-weight centile at term and school performance at 12 years of age: linked cohort study

R. J. Burger,  S. J. Gordijn,  B. W. Mol,  W. Ganzevoort,  A. C. J. Ravelli

Angiogenic imbalance in pre-eclampsia and fetal growth restriction: enhanced soluble fms-like tyrosine kinase-1 binding or diminished production of placental growth factor?

A. C. M. Kluivers,  A. Biesbroek,  W. Visser,  L. Saleh,  H. Russcher,  A. H. J. Danser,  R. I. Neuman

Reference ranges of uterine artery pulsatility index from first to third trimester based on serial Doppler measurements: longitudinal cohort study

P. I. Cavoretto,  N. Salmeri,  M. Candiani,  A. Farina

Standardization and quality control of Doppler and fetal biometric ultrasound measurements in low-income setting

S. Ali,  J. Byamugisha,  M. G. Kawooya,  I. M. Kakibogo,  I. Ainembabazi,  E. A. Biira,  A. N. Kagimu,  A. Migisa,  M. Munyakazi,  S. Kuniha,  C. Scheele,  A. T. Papageorghiou,  K. Klipstein-Grobusch,  M. J. Rijken

Modified Delphi study of ultrasound signs associated with placenta accreta spectrum

E. Jauniaux,  F. D'Antonio,  A. Bhide,  F. Prefumo,  R. M. Silver,  A. M. Hussein,  S. A. Shainker,  F. Chantraine,  Z. Alfirevic,  Delphi consensus expert panel

March 2023

Diagnostic accuracy of ultrasound signs for detecting adnexal torsion: systematic review and meta-analysis

I. Garde,  C. Paredes,  L. Ventura,  M. A. Pascual,  S. Ajossa,  S. Guerriero,  J. Vara,  M. Linares,  J. L. Alcázar

Cost-effectiveness of ultrasound before non-invasive prenatal screening for fetal aneuploidy

A. N. Battarbee,  N. L. Vora,  E. E. Hardisty,  D. M. Stamilio

Prenatal exome sequencing and impact on perinatal outcome: cohort study

B. Poljak,  U. Agarwal,  Z. Alfirevic,  S. Allen,  N. Canham,  J. Higgs,  A. Kaelin Agten,  A. Khalil,  D. Roberts,  F. Mone,  K. Navaratnam

Characteristics associated with antenatally unidentified small-for-gestational-age fetuses: prospective cohort study nested within DESiGN randomized controlled trial

S. Relph,  M. C. Vieira,  A. Copas,  A. Alagna,  L. Page,  C. Winsloe,  A. Shennan,  A. Briley,  M. Johnson,  C. Lees,  D. A. Lawlor,  J. Sandall,  A. Khalil,  D. Pasupathy,  the DESiGN Trial Team and DESiGN Collaborative Group

Definitions matter: detection rates and perinatal outcome for infants classified prenatally as having late fetal growth restriction using SMFM biometric vs ISUOG/Delphi consensus criteria

V. Schreiber,  C. Hurst,  F. da Silva Costa,  R. Stoke,  J. Turner,  S. Kumar

Using IOTA terminology to evaluate fetal ovarian cysts: analysis of 51 cysts over 10-year period

A. Romiti,  F. Moro,  L. Ricci,  C. Codeca,  F. Pozzati,  M. Viggiano,  R. Vicario,  I. Fabietti,  G. Scambia,  P. Bagolan,  A. C. Testa,  L. Caforio

February 2023

Neonatal and long-term outcomes of infants with congenital cytomegalovirus infection and negative amniocentesis: systematic review and meta-analysis

C. Chatzakis,  A. Sotiriadis,  K. Dinas,  Y. Ville

Clinical utility of sFlt-1 and PlGF in screening, prediction, diagnosis and monitoring of pre-eclampsia and fetal growth restriction

H. Stepan,  A. Galindo,  M. Hund,  D. Schlembach,  J. Sillman,  D. Surbek,  M. Vatish

Prediction of perinatal survival in early-onset fetal growth restriction: role of placental growth factor

J. Rodríguez-Calvo,  C. Villalaín,  P. I. Gómez-Arriaga,  M. S. Quezada,  I. Herraiz,  A. Galindo

Antenatal corticosteroids and perinatal outcome in late fetal growth restriction: analysis of prospective cohort

A. Familiari,  R. Napolitano,  G. H. A. Visser,  C. Lees,  H. Wolf,  F. Prefumo, on behalf of the TRUFFLE-2 feasibility study investigators

Effect of bariatric surgery on maternal cardiovascular system

D. Patel,  N. Borrelli,  O. Patey,  M. Johnson,  G. DI Salvo,  M. D. Savvidou

Association of intraplacental oxygenation patterns on dual-contrast MRI with placental abnormality and fetal brain oxygenation

Z. Sun,  W. Wu,  P. Zhao,  Q. Wang,  P. K. Woodard,  D. M. Nelson,  A. Odibo,  A. Cahill,  Y. Wang

Association of placental and umbilical cord characteristics with cerebral palsy: national cohort study

C. Ebbing,  S. Rasmussen,  J. Kessler,  D. Moster

Benign descriptors and ADNEX in two-step strategy to estimate risk of malignancy in ovarian tumors: retrospective validation in IOTA5 multicenter cohort

C. Landolfo,  T. Bourne,  W. Froyman,  B. Van Calster,  J. Ceusters,  A. C. Testa,  L. Wynants,  P. Sladkevicius,  C. Van Holsbeke,  E. Domali,  R. Fruscio,  E. Epstein,  D. Franchi,  M. J. Kudla,  V. Chiappa,  J. L. Alcazar,  F. P. G. Leone,  F. Buonomo,  M. E. Coccia,  S. Guerriero,  N. Deo,  L. Jokubkiene,  L. Savelli,  D. Fischerova,  A. Czekierdowski,  J. Kaijser,  A. Coosemans,  G. Scambia,  I. Vergote,  D. Timmerman,  L. Valentin

Lesion-to-anal-verge distance in rectosigmoid endometriosis on transvaginal sonography vs magnetic resonance imaging: prospective study

M. K. Aas-Eng,  V. S. Young,  J. B. Dormagen,  A. H. Pripp,  G. Hudelist,  M. Lieng

Underdiagnosis of internal anal sphincter trauma following vaginal delivery

B. D. O'Leary,  L. Kelly,  M. Fitzpatrick,  D. P. Keane

ISUOG Practice Guidelines (updated): performance of fetal magnetic resonance imaging

D. Prayer,  G. Malinger,  L. De Catte,  B. De Keersmaecker,  L. F. Gonçalves,  G. Kasprian,  S. Laifer-Narin,  W. Lee,  A.-E. Millischer,  L. Platt,  F. Prayer,  D. Pugash,  L. J. Salomon,  M. Sanz Cortes,  F. Stuhr,  I. E. Timor-Tritsch,  B. Tutschek,  D. Twickler,  N. Raine-Fenning,  the ISUOG Clinical Standards Committee

January 2023

Congenital anomaly and perinatal outcome following blastocyst- vs cleavage-stage embryo transfer: systematic review and network meta-analysis

C. SiristatidisM. PapapanouV. KarageorgiouW. P. MartinsI. Bellos, D. M. Teixeira, N. Vlahos

Prevalence of chromosomal disorders in cases with congenital heart defect: registry-based study from Denmark between 2008 and 2018

C. VedelT. D. HjortshøjD. S. JørgensenA. TaborL. RodeK. SundbergC. K. EkelundO. B. Petersen

Role of fetal head-circumference-to-maternal-height ratio in predicting Cesarean section for labor dystocia: prospective multicenter study

A. Dall'Asta, R. Ramirez Zegarra, E. Corno, I. Mappa, J. L. A. Lu, E. Di Pasquo, G. Morganelli, M. Abou-Dakn, C. Germano, R. Attini, B. Masturzo, G. Rizzo, T. Ghi

Reproductive outcome in 326 women with unicornuate uterus

T. Tellum, B. Bracco, L. V. De Braud, J. Knez, R. Ashton-Barnett, T. Amin, P. Chaggar, D. Jurkovic

ISUOG Practice Guidelines (updated): performance of 11–14-week ultrasound scan

C. M. Bilardo, R. Chaoui, J. A. Hyett, K. O. Kagan, J. N. Karim, A. T. Papageorghiou, L. C. Poon, L. J. Salomon, A. Syngelaki, K. H. Nicolaides

December 2022

Implications of fetal premature atrial contractions: systematic review

B. B. Bet, J. M. De Vries, J. Limpens, M. Van Wely, E. Van Leeuwen, S. A. Clur, E. Pajkrt

Machine-learning-based prediction of pre-eclampsia using first-trimester maternal characteristics and biomarkers

Z. Ansbacher-Feldman A. Syngelaki H. Meiri R. Cirkin K. H. Nicolaides Y. Louzoun

Clinical workflow of sonographers performing fetal anomaly ultrasound scans: deep-learning-based analysis

L. Drukker, H. Sharma, J. N. Karim, R. Droste, J. A. Noble, A. T. Papageorghiou

Prediction of large-for-gestational-age infant by fetal growth charts and hemoglobin A1c level in pregnancy complicated by pregestational diabetes

M. K. Kiefer, M. M. Finneran, C. A. Ware, P. Foy, S. F. Thung, S. G. Gabbe, M. B. Landon, W. A. Grobman, K. K. Venkatesh

Correction of fetal umbilical vein flow imbalance following laser surgery for twin–twin transfusion syndrome

R. H. Saab, G. R. DeVore, M. Monson, J. Masri, L. M. Korst, R. H. Chmait

Comparison of diagnostic criteria for significant anal sphincter defects between endoanal and transperineal ultrasound

N. A. Okeahialam, R. Thakar, A. H. Sultan

Fetal death and placental lesions after two COVID-19 episodes in single pregnancy in unvaccinated woman

C. Dubucs, M. Groussolles, E. Brazet, M. Courtade-Saïdi, N. Van Acker, J. Ousselin, C. Pasquier, J. Aziza

November 2022

Three-dimensional transvaginal ultrasound vs magnetic resonance imaging for preoperative staging of deep myometrial and cervical invasion in patients with endometrial cancer: systematic review and meta-analysis

G. Spagnol, M. Noventa, G. Bonaldo, M. Marchetti, A. Vitagliano, A. S. Laganà, F. Cavallin, M. Scioscia, C. Saccardi, R. Tozzi

Improving antenatal detection of small-for-gestational-age fetus: economic evaluation of Growth Assessment Protocol

S. Relph, M. C. Vieira, A. Copas, K. Coxon, A. Alagna, A. Briley, M. Johnson, L. Page, D. Peebles, A. Shennan, B. Thilaganathan, N. Marlow, C. Lees, D. A. Lawlor, A. Khalil, J. Sandall, D. Pasupathy, A. Healey,  on behalf of the DESiGN Trial Team

Incidence, clinical features and perinatal outcome in anomalous fetuses with late-onset growth restriction: cohort study

A. Dall'Asta, T. Stampalija, F. Mecacci, R. Ramirez Zegarra, S. Sorrentino, M. Minopoli, C. Ottaviani, I. Fantasia, M. Barbieri, F. Lisi, S. Simeone, R. Castellani, A. Fichera, G. Rizzo, F. Prefumo, T. Frusca, T. Ghi

Single left superior vena cava: antenatal diagnosis, associated anomalies and outcomes

K. R. M. Lopes, M. Bartsota, V. Doughty, J. S. Carvalho

Fetal neurosonography and infant neurobehavior following conception by assisted reproductive technology with fresh or frozen embryo transfer

M. L. Boutet, E. Eixarch, P. Ahumada-Droguett, A. Nakaki, F. Crovetto, M. S. Cívico, A. Borrás, D. Manau, E. Gratacós, F. Crispi, G. Casals

Evaluation of immunogenicity and reactogenicity of COVID-19 vaccines in pregnant women

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October 2022

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