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January 2023

Congenital anomaly and perinatal outcome following blastocyst- vs cleavage-stage embryo transfer: systematic review and network meta-analysis

C. SiristatidisM. PapapanouV. KarageorgiouW. P. MartinsI. Bellos, D. M. Teixeira, N. Vlahos

Prevalence of chromosomal disorders in cases with congenital heart defect: registry-based study from Denmark between 2008 and 2018

C. VedelT. D. HjortshøjD. S. JørgensenA. TaborL. RodeK. SundbergC. K. EkelundO. B. Petersen

Role of fetal head-circumference-to-maternal-height ratio in predicting Cesarean section for labor dystocia: prospective multicenter study

A. Dall'Asta, R. Ramirez Zegarra, E. Corno, I. Mappa, J. L. A. Lu, E. Di Pasquo, G. Morganelli, M. Abou-Dakn, C. Germano, R. Attini, B. Masturzo, G. Rizzo, T. Ghi

Reproductive outcome in 326 women with unicornuate uterus

T. Tellum, B. Bracco, L. V. De Braud, J. Knez, R. Ashton-Barnett, T. Amin, P. Chaggar, D. Jurkovic

ISUOG Practice Guidelines (updated): performance of 11–14-week ultrasound scan

C. M. Bilardo, R. Chaoui, J. A. Hyett, K. O. Kagan, J. N. Karim, A. T. Papageorghiou, L. C. Poon, L. J. Salomon, A. Syngelaki, K. H. Nicolaides

December 2022

Implications of fetal premature atrial contractions: systematic review

B. B. Bet, J. M. De Vries, J. Limpens, M. Van Wely, E. Van Leeuwen, S. A. Clur, E. Pajkrt

Machine-learning-based prediction of pre-eclampsia using first-trimester maternal characteristics and biomarkers

Z. Ansbacher-Feldman A. Syngelaki H. Meiri R. Cirkin K. H. Nicolaides Y. Louzoun

Clinical workflow of sonographers performing fetal anomaly ultrasound scans: deep-learning-based analysis

L. Drukker, H. Sharma, J. N. Karim, R. Droste, J. A. Noble, A. T. Papageorghiou

Prediction of large-for-gestational-age infant by fetal growth charts and hemoglobin A1c level in pregnancy complicated by pregestational diabetes

M. K. Kiefer, M. M. Finneran, C. A. Ware, P. Foy, S. F. Thung, S. G. Gabbe, M. B. Landon, W. A. Grobman, K. K. Venkatesh

Correction of fetal umbilical vein flow imbalance following laser surgery for twin–twin transfusion syndrome

R. H. Saab, G. R. DeVore, M. Monson, J. Masri, L. M. Korst, R. H. Chmait

Comparison of diagnostic criteria for significant anal sphincter defects between endoanal and transperineal ultrasound

N. A. Okeahialam, R. Thakar, A. H. Sultan

Fetal death and placental lesions after two COVID-19 episodes in single pregnancy in unvaccinated woman

C. Dubucs, M. Groussolles, E. Brazet, M. Courtade-Saïdi, N. Van Acker, J. Ousselin, C. Pasquier, J. Aziza

November 2022

Three-dimensional transvaginal ultrasound vs magnetic resonance imaging for preoperative staging of deep myometrial and cervical invasion in patients with endometrial cancer: systematic review and meta-analysis

G. Spagnol, M. Noventa, G. Bonaldo, M. Marchetti, A. Vitagliano, A. S. Laganà, F. Cavallin, M. Scioscia, C. Saccardi, R. Tozzi

Improving antenatal detection of small-for-gestational-age fetus: economic evaluation of Growth Assessment Protocol

S. Relph, M. C. Vieira, A. Copas, K. Coxon, A. Alagna, A. Briley, M. Johnson, L. Page, D. Peebles, A. Shennan, B. Thilaganathan, N. Marlow, C. Lees, D. A. Lawlor, A. Khalil, J. Sandall, D. Pasupathy, A. Healey,  on behalf of the DESiGN Trial Team

Incidence, clinical features and perinatal outcome in anomalous fetuses with late-onset growth restriction: cohort study

A. Dall'Asta, T. Stampalija, F. Mecacci, R. Ramirez Zegarra, S. Sorrentino, M. Minopoli, C. Ottaviani, I. Fantasia, M. Barbieri, F. Lisi, S. Simeone, R. Castellani, A. Fichera, G. Rizzo, F. Prefumo, T. Frusca, T. Ghi

Single left superior vena cava: antenatal diagnosis, associated anomalies and outcomes

K. R. M. Lopes, M. Bartsota, V. Doughty, J. S. Carvalho

Fetal neurosonography and infant neurobehavior following conception by assisted reproductive technology with fresh or frozen embryo transfer

M. L. Boutet, E. Eixarch, P. Ahumada-Droguett, A. Nakaki, F. Crovetto, M. S. Cívico, A. Borrás, D. Manau, E. Gratacós, F. Crispi, G. Casals

Evaluation of immunogenicity and reactogenicity of COVID-19 vaccines in pregnant women

H. Blakeway, Z. Amin-Chowdhury, S. Prasad, E. Kalafat, M. Ismail, F. N. Abdallah, A. Rezvani, G. Amirthalingam, K. Brown, K. Le Doare, P. T. Heath, S. N. Ladhani, A. Khalil

Prediction using T2-weighted magnetic resonance imaging-based radiomics of residual uterine myoma regrowth after high-intensity focused ultrasound ablation

Y. Zhou, J. Zhang, J. Chen, C. Yang, C. Gong, C. Li, F. Li

October 2022

Diagnostic accuracy of sliding sign for detecting pouch of Douglas obliteration and bowel involvement in women with suspected endometriosis: systematic review and meta-analysis

J. L. Alcázar, P. M. Eguez, P. Forcada, E. Ternero, C. Martínez, M. Á. Pascual, S. Guerriero

Diagnostic yield using whole-genome sequencing and in-silico panel of 281 genes associated with non-immune hydrops fetalis in clinical setting

E. Westenius, E. Sahlin, P. Conner, A. Lindstrand, E. Iwarsson

Functional connectivity of limbic system and prefrontal cortex years after pre-eclampsia: 7-Tesla functional magnetic resonance imaging study

L. P. W. Canjels, C. Ghossein-Doha, R. J. Alers, S. Rutten, M. van den Kerkhof, V. M. M. M. Schiffer, E. Mulder, S. C. Gerretsen, A. P. Aldenkamp, P. P. M. Hurks, V. van de Ven, M. E. A. Spaanderman, J. F. A. Jansen, W. H. Backes

Blood–brain barrier leakage years after pre-eclampsia: dynamic contrast-enhanced 7-Tesla MRI study

L. P. W. Canjels, J. F. A. Jansen, R. J. Alers, C. Ghossein-Doha, M. van den Kerkhof, V. M. M. M. Schiffer, E. Mulder, S. C. Gerretsen, A. P. Aldenkamp, P. P. M. Hurks, V. van de Ven, M. E. A. Spaanderman, W. H. Backes

Automatic identification and segmentation of slice of minimal hiatal dimensions in transperineal ultrasound volumes

F. van den Noort, C. Manzini, C. H. van der Vaart, M. A. J. van Limbeek, C. H. Slump, A. T. M. Grob

September 2022

Strengths and limitations of diagnostic tools for endometriosis and relevance in diagnostic test accuracy research

E. Pascoal, J. M. Wessels, M. K. Aas-Eng, M. S. Abrao, G. Condous, D. Jurkovic, M. Espada, C. Exacoustos, S. Ferrero, S. Guerriero, G. Hudelist, M. Malzoni, S. Reid, S. Tang, C. Tomassetti, S. S. Singh, T. Van den Bosch, M. Leonardi

Severe smallness as predictor of adverse perinatal outcome in suspected late small-for-gestational-age fetuses: systematic review and meta-analysis

E. Meler, R. J. Martinez-Portilla, J. Caradeux, E. Mazarico, C. Gil-Armas, D. Boada, J. Martinez, P. Carrillo, M. Camacho, F. Figueras

Third-trimester ultrasound for antenatal diagnosis of placenta accreta spectrum in women with placenta previa: results from the ADoPAD study

N. Fratelli, F. Prefumo, C. Maggi, C. Cavalli, A. Sciarrone, A. Garofalo, E. Viora, P. Vergani, S. Ornaghi, M. Betti, I. Vaglio Tessitore, A. F. Cavaliere, S. Buongiorno, A. Vidiri, E. Fabbri, E. Ferrazzi, V. Maggi, I. Cetin, T. Frusca, T. Ghi, C. Kaihura, E. Di Pasquo, T. Stampalija, C. Belcaro, M. Quadrifoglio, M. Veneziano, F. Mecacci, S. Simeone, A. Locatelli, S. Consonni, N. Chianchiano, F. Labate, A. Cromi, E. Bertucci, F. Facchinetti, A. Fichera, D. Granata, F. D'Antonio, F. Foti, L. Avagliano, G. P. Bulfamante, G. Calì, the ADoPAD (Antenatal Diagnosis of Placental Adhesion Disorders) Working Group

Separation sign: novel ultrasound sign for ruling out diagnosis of placenta accreta spectrum

R. X. Allwood, A. Self, S. L. Collins

Reproducibility of assessment of full-dilatation Cesarean section scar in women undergoing second-trimester screening for preterm birth

A. Banerjee, Z. Al-Dabbach, F. E. Bredaki, D. Casagrandi, A. Tetteh, N. Greenwold, M. Ivan, D. Jurkovic, A. L. David, R. Napolitano

How to perform standardized sonographic examination of uterine niche in non-pregnant women

C. Verberkt, I. P. M. Jordans, T. Van den Bosch, D. Timmerman, T. Bourne, R. A. de Leeuw, J. A. F. Huirne

SARS-CoV-2-specific antibodies and neutralization capacity in breast milk following infection vs vaccination

H. Y. H. Leung, B. W. Leung, M. M. Gil, V. Rolle, S. Moungmaithong, C. C. Wang, L. C. Poon

ISUOG Practice Guidelines: role of ultrasound in the prediction of spontaneous preterm birth

C. M. Coutinho, A. Sotiriadis, A. Odibo, A. Khalil, F. D'Antonio, H. Feltovich, L. J. Salomon, P. Sheehan, R. Napolitano, V. Berghella, F. da Silva Costa

August 2022

Routine first-trimester pre-eclampsia screening and risk of preterm birth

V. Giorgione, O. Quintero Mendez, A. Pinas, W. Ansley, B. Thilaganathan

Maternal hemodynamics and neonatal birth weight in pregnancies complicated by gestational diabetes: new insights from novel causal inference analysis modeling

A. R. Anness, A. Clark, K. Melhuish, F. M. T. Leone, M. W. Osman, D. Webb, T. Robinson, N. Walkinshaw, A. Khalil, H. A. Mousa

Are in-hospital COVID-19-related mortality and morbidity in pregnancy associated with gestational age?

C. Leung, A. C. Simões e Silva, E. A. Oliveira

How to use power Doppler ultrasound in transvaginal assessment of uterine fibroids

M. Frijlingh, L. Juffermans, R. de Leeuw, C. de Bruyn, D. Timmerman, T. Van den Bosch, J. A. F. Huirne

Incidence and outcome of prenatal brain abnormality in twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome: systematic review and meta-analysis

F. G. Sileo, J. Curado, F. D'Antonio, C. Benlioglu, A. Khalil

Ultrasound features of endometrial pathology in women without abnormal uterine bleeding: results from the International Endometrial Tumor Analysis study (IETA3)

R. Heremans, T. Van den Bosch, L. Valentin, L. Wynants, M. A. Pascual, R. Fruscio, A. C. Testa, F. Buonomo, S. Guerriero, E. Epstein, T. Bourne, D. Timmerman, F. P. G. Leone, for the IETA Consortium

July 2022

Monkeypox and pregnancy: what do obstetricians need to know?

A. Khalil, A. Samara, P. O'Brien, E. Morris, T. Draycott, C. Lees, S. Ladhani

Exome sequencing as first-tier test for fetuses with severe central nervous system structural anomalies

Y. Yaron, V. Ofen Glassner, A. Mory, N. Zunz Henig, A. Kurolap, A. Bar Shira, D. Brabbing Goldstein, D. Marom, L. Ben Sira, H. Baris Feldman, G. Malinger, K. Krajden Haratz, A. Reches

Fetal weight projection model to define growth velocity and validation against pregnancy outcome in a cohort of serially scanned pregnancies

O. Hugh, J. Gardosi

Maternal and perinatal outcomes of SARS-CoV-2 infection in unvaccinated pregnancies during Delta and Omicron waves

P. Birol Ilter, S. Prasad, M. A. Mutlu, A. B. Tekin, P. O'Brien, P. von Dadelszen, L. A. Magee, S. Tekin, N. Tug, E. Kalafat, A. Khalil

Comparison of postmortem whole-body contrast-enhanced microfocus computed tomography and high-field magnetic resonance imaging of human fetuses

Y. Dawood, C. Honhoff, A.-S. van der Post, S. D. Roosendaal, B. F. Coolen, G. J. Strijkers, E. Pajkrt, B. S. de Bakker

Consensus on revised definitions of Morphological Uterus Sonographic Assessment (MUSA) features of adenomyosis: results of modified Delphi procedure

M. J. Harmsen, T. Van den Bosch, R. A. de Leeuw, M. Dueholm, C. Exacoustos, L. Valentin, W. J. K. Hehenkamp, F. Groenman, C. De Bruyn, C. Rasmussen, L. Lazzeri, L. Jokubkiene, D. Jurkovic, J. Naftalin, T. Tellum, T. Bourne, D. Timmerman, J. A. F. Huirne

Time-effectiveness and convenience of transvaginal ultrasound probe disinfection using ultraviolet vs chlorine dioxide multistep wipe system: prospective survey study

C. Kyriacou, E. Robinson, J. Barcroft, N. Parker, M. Tuomey, C. Stalder, D. Gould, M. Al-Memar, T. Bourne

Perinatal outcomes of fetoscopic laser surgery for twin–twin transfusion syndrome in triplet pregnancy: cohort study, systematic review and meta-analysis

H. J. Mustafa, A. Javinani, E. Krispin, H. Tadbiri, A. A. Shamshirsaz, J. Espinoza, A. A. Nassr, R. Donepudi, M. A. Belfort, M. Sanz Cortes, C. Harman, O. M. Turan

Ophthalmic artery Doppler at 19–23 weeks' gestation in pregnancies that deliver small-for-gestational-age neonates

S. Abdel Azim, A. Wright, I. Sapantzoglou, K. H. Nicolaides, M. Charakida


June 2022

Diagnostic yield of exome sequencing in fetuses with multisystem malformations: systematic review and meta-analysis

M. Pauta, R. J. Martinez-Portilla, A. Borrell

Changes in structural brain development after selective fetal growth restriction in monochorionic twins

S. G. Groene, L. S. de Vries, F. Slaghekke, M. C. Haak, B. T. Heijmans, C. de Bruin, A. A. W. Roest, E. Lopriore, J. M. M. van Klink, S. J. Steggerda

Prediction of fetal death in monochorionic twin pregnancies complicated by Type-III selective fetal growth restriction

T. Van Mieghem, L. Lewi, F. Slaghekke, E. Lopriore, Y. Yinon, L. Raio, D. Baud, P. Dekoninck, N. Melamed, E. Huszti, L. Sun, S. Shinar, Collaborators

Short-term neonatal and long-term infant outcome of late-preterm twins: nationwide population-based study

G. J. Cho, K.-D. Cho, H. Y. Kim, S. Ha, M.-J. Oh, H.-S. Won, J. H. Chung

Consequences of cervical pessary for subsequent pregnancy: follow-up of randomized clinical trial (ProTWIN)

E. V. J. van Limburg Stirum, S. J. Zegveld, N. E. Simons, M. A. de Boer, E. Pajkrt, B. W. J. Mol, M. A. Oudijk, J. van 't Hooft

Cost-effectiveness of cervical length screening and progesterone treatment to prevent spontaneous preterm delivery in Sweden

T. Wikström, P. Kuusela, B. Jacobsson, H. Hagberg, P. Lindgren, M. Svensson, U.-B. Wennerholm, L. Valentin

Prevalence of supratentorial anomalies assessed by magnetic resonance imaging in fetuses with open spina bifida

L. Trigo, E. Eixarch, I. Bottura, M. Dalaqua, A. A. Barbosa, L. De Catte, P. Demaerel, S. Dymarkowski, J. Deprest, D. A. Lapa, M. Aertsen, E. Gratacos

Stillbirth due to SARS-CoV-2 placentitis without evidence of intrauterine transmission to fetus: association with maternal risk factors

A. E. Konstantinidou, S. Angelidou, S. Havaki, K. Paparizou, N. Spanakis, C. Chatzakis, A. Sotiriadis, M. Theodora, C. Donoudis, A. Daponte, P. Skaltsounis, V. G. Gorgoulis, V. Papaevangelou, S. Kalantaridou, A. Tsakris

Early adverse events and immune response following COVID-19 booster vaccination in pregnancy

S. Toussia-Cohen, R. Peretz-Machluf, S. Bookstein-Peretz, O. Segal, K. Asraf, R. Doolman, Y. Kubani, T. Gonen, G. Regev-Yochay, Y. Yinon

ISUOG Practice Guidelines (updated): performance of the routine mid-trimester fetal ultrasound scan

L. J. Salomon, Z. Alfirevic, V. Berghella, C. M. Bilardo, G. E. Chalouhi, F. Da Silva Costa, E. Hernandez-Andrade, G. Malinger, H. Munoz, D. Paladini, F. Prefumo, A. Sotiriadis, A. Toi, W. Lee

May 2022

Postnatal circulation in patients with aortic stenosis undergoing fetal aortic valvuloplasty: systematic review and meta-analysis

C. N. Vorisek, D. Zurakowski, A. Tamayo, R. Axt-Fliedner, T. Siepmann, I. Friehs

Role of placental, fetal and maternal cardiovascular markers in predicting adverse outcome in women with suspected or confirmed pre-eclampsia

M. Reddy, K. Palmer, D. L. Rolnik, E. M. Wallace, B. W. Mol, F. Da Silva Costa

Valvuloplasty in 103 fetuses with critical aortic stenosis: outcome and new predictors for postnatal circulation

A. Tulzer, W. Arzt, R. Gitter, E. Sames-Dolzer, M. Kreuzer, R. Mair, G. Tulzer

Fetal myocardial deformation measured with two-dimensional speckle-tracking echocardiography: longitudinal prospective cohort study of 124 healthy fetuses

N. H. M. van Oostrum, C. M. de Vet, S. B. Clur, D. A. A. van der Woude, E. R. van den Heuvel, S. G. Oei, J. O. E. H. van Laar

April 2022

Definition and sonographic reporting system for Cesarean scar pregnancy in early gestation: modified Delphi method

I. P. M. Jordans, C. Verberkt, R. A. De Leeuw, C. M. Bilardo, T. Van Den Bosch, T. Bourne, H. A. M. Brölmann, M. Dueholm, W. J. K. Hehenkamp, N. Jastrow, D. Jurkovic, A. Kaelin Agten, R. Mashiach, O. Naji, E. Pajkrt, D. Timmerman, O. Vikhareva, L. F. Van Der Voet, J. A. F. Huirne

Prospective evaluation of impact of post-Cesarean section uterine scarring in perinatal diagnosis of placenta accreta spectrum disorder

A. M. Hussein, R. A. Elbarmelgy, R. M. Elbarmelgy, M. M. Thabet, E. Jauniaux

Spontaneous maternal coagulopathy in COVID-19

M. Graham, C. Sproule, M. Sharma, H. Likinyo, K. Glackin, D. Hurrell, A. Khalil, F. Mone

Clinical severity of SARS-CoV-2 infection among vaccinated and unvaccinated pregnancies during the Omicron wave

P. Birol Ilter, S. Prasad, M. Berkkan, M. A. Mutlu, A. B. Tekin, E. Celik, B. Ata, M. Turgal, S. Yildiz, E. Turkgeldi, P. O'Brien, P. von Dadelszen, L. A. Magee, E. Kalafat, N. Tug, A. Khalil

Early imaging predictors of fetal cerebral ischemic injury in monochorionic twin pregnancy complicated by spontaneous single intrauterine death

S. Shinar, K. Harris, T. Van Mieghem, L. Lewi, A. M. Morency, S. Blaser, G. Ryan

Diagnosis of placenta accreta spectrum in high‐risk women using ultrasonography or magnetic resonance imaging: systematic review and meta‐analysis

M. De Oliveira Carniello, L. G. Oliveira Brito, L. O. Sarian, J. R. Bennini

March 2022

Real-time identification of fetal anomalies on ultrasound using artificial intelligence: what's next?

L. Drukker

COVID-19 and stillbirth: direct vs indirect effect of the pandemic

A. Khalil, H. Blakeway, A. Samara, P. O'Brien

Use of real-time artificial intelligence in detection of abnormal image patterns in standard sonographic reference planes in screening for fetal intracranial malformations

M. Lin, X. He, H. Guo, M. He, L. Zhang, J. Xian, T. Lei, Q. Xu, J. Zheng, J. Feng, C. Hao, Y. Yang, N. Wang, H. Xie

Ultrasound prediction of adverse perinatal outcome at diagnosis of late-onset fetal growth restriction

A. Dall'Asta, T. Stampalija, F. Mecacci, M. Minopoli, G. B. L. Schera, G. Cagninelli, C. Ottaviani, I. Fantasia, M. Barbieri, F. Lisi, S. Simeone, T. Ghi, T. Frusca

B-flow/spatiotemporal image correlation M-mode: novel ultrasound method that detects decrease in spiral artery luminal diameter in first trimester in primate model of impaired spiral artery remodeling

O. M. Turan, J. S. Babischkin, G. W. Aberdeen, S. Turan, C. R. Harman, G. J. Pepe, E. D. Albrecht

Peripartum echocardiographic changes in women with hypertensive disorders of pregnancy

V. Giorgione, J. O'Driscoll, C. M. Coutinho, C. Di Fabrizio, R. Sharma, A. Khalil, B. Thilaganathan

Growth patterns of monochorionic twin pregnancy complicated by Type-III selective fetal growth restriction

S. Shinar, W. Xing, L. Lewi, F. Slaghekke, Y. Yinon, L. Raio, D. Baud, P. DeKoninck, N. Melamed, E. Huszti, L. Sun, T. Van Mieghem, Collaborators

ISUOG Safety Committee updated recommendation on use of respirators by practitioners undertaking obstetric and gynecological ultrasound in context of SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant of concern

K. Salvesen, G. Ter Haar, P. Miloro, E. Sinkovskaya, C. Lees, T. Bourne, K. Maršál, A. Dall'asta, the Bioeffects and Safety Committee and the Board of the International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology (ISUOG)

February 2022

Magnetic resonance imaging and ultrasound fusion technique in gynecology

M. Bazot, F. Spagnoli, S. Guerriero

Does COVID-19 cause pre-eclampsia?

A. Khalil, A. Samara, T. Chowdhury, P. O'Brien

Increased levels of soluble fms-like tyrosine kinase-1 are associated with adverse outcome in pregnant women with COVID-19

J. Torres-Torres, S. Espino-y-Sosa, L. C. Poon, J. M. Solis-Paredes, G. Estrada-Gutierrez, A. Espejel-Nuñez, A. Juarez-Reyes, A. Etchegaray-Solana, Y. Alfonso-Guillen, L. Aguilar-Andrade, J. A. Hernández-Pacheco, J. R. Villafan-Bernal, R. J. Martinez-Portilla

External validation of prognostic models to predict stillbirth using International Prediction of Pregnancy Complications (IPPIC) Network database: individual participant data meta-analysis

J. Allotey, R. Whittle, K. I. E. Snell, M. Smuk, R. Townsend, P. von Dadelszen, A. E. P. Heazell, L. Magee, G. C. S. Smith, J. Sandall, B. Thilaganathan, J. Zamora, R. D. Riley, A. Khalil, S. Thangaratinam, the IPPIC Collaborative Network