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November 2019

Outcome of non‐visualization of fetal gallbladder on second‐trimester ultrasound: cohort study and systematic review of literature

E. di Pasquo, M. Kuleva, A. Rousseau, A. Vitucci, P. Sonigo, C. Chardot, L. J. Salomon, Y. Ville

Cost‐effectiveness of five prenatal screening strategies for trisomies and other unbalanced chromosomal abnormalities: model‐based analysis

A. Le Bras, L. J. Salomon, L. Bussières, V. Malan, C. Elie, H. Mahallati, Y. Ville, M. Vekemans, I. Durand‐Zaleski

October 2019

Risk of miscarriage following amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling: systematic review of literature and updated meta‐analysis

L. J. Salomon, A. Sotiriadis, C. B. Wulff, A. Odibo, R. Akolekar

Rare autosomal trisomies: comparison of detection through cell‐free DNA analysis and direct chromosome preparation of chorionic villus samples

P. Benn, F. Malvestiti, B. Grimi, F. Maggi, G. Simoni, F. R. Grati

Diagnosis of fetal non‐chromosomal abnormalities on routine ultrasound examination at 11–13 weeks' gestation

A. Syngelaki, A. Hammami, S. Bower, V. Zidere, R. Akolekar, K. H. Nicolaides 

Human chorionic gonadotropin and risk of pre‐eclampsia: prospective population‐based cohort study

M. Barjaktarovic, T. I. M. Korevaar, V. W. V. Jaddoe, Y. B. de Rijke, R. P. Peeters, E. A. P. Steegers

Descent of fetal head during active pushing: secondary analysis of prospective cohort study investigating ultrasound examination before operative vaginal delivery

B. H. Kahrs, S. Usman, T. Ghi, A. Youssef, E. A. Torkildsen, E. Lindtjørn, T. B. Østborg, S. Benediktsdottir, L. Brooks, L. Harmsen, K. Å. Salvesen, C. C. Lees, T. M. Eggebø

September 2019

Late‐stage Cesarean section causes recurrent early preterm birth: how to tackle this problem?

A. Glazewska‐Hallin, L. Story, N. Suff, A. Shennan

Maternal kidney function during pregnancy: systematic review and meta‐analysis

V. A. Lopes van Balen, T. A. G. Gansewinkel, S. Haas, J. J. Spaan, C. Ghossein‐Doha, S. M. J. Kuijk, J. Drongelen, T. Cornelis, M. E. A. Spaanderman

Maternal and neonatal complications of fetal macrosomia: systematic review and meta‐analysis

J. Beta, N. Khan, A. Khalil, M. Fiolna, G. Ramadan, R. Akolekar

Maternal and neonatal complications of fetal macrosomia: cohort study

J. Beta, N. Khan, M. Fiolna, A. Khalil, G. Ramadan, R. Akolekar

August 2019

Effectiveness on fertility outcome of tubal flushing with different contrast media: systematic review and network meta‐analysis

R. Wang, N. van Welie, J. van Rijswijk, N. P. Johnson, R. J. Norman, K. Dreyer, V. Mijatovic, B. W. Mol

Neurodevelopmental disorder in children believed to have isolated mild ventriculomegaly prenatally

E. Thorup, L. N. Jensen, G. S. Bak, C. K. Ekelund, G. Greisen, D. S. Jørgensen, S. G. Hellmuth, C. Wulff, O. B. Petersen, L. H. Pedersen, A. Tabor

Increased Sylvian fissure angle as early sonographic sign of malformation of cortical development

R. K. Pooh, M. Machida, T. Nakamura, K. Uenishi, H. Chiyo, K. Itoh, J. Yoshimatsu, H. Ueda, K. Ogo, P. Chaemsaithong, L. C. Poon

PARENTS 2 study: consensus report for parental engagement in the perinatal mortality review process

D. Bakhbakhi, D. Siassakos, M. Lynch, L. Timlin, C. Storey, A. Heazell, C. Burden

Birth weight and cardiac function assessed by echocardiography in adolescence: Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children

S. Timpka, A. D. Hughes, N. Chaturvedi, P. W. Franks, D. A. Lawlor, J. W. Rich‐Edwards, A. Fraser

Quality‐improvement program for ultrasound‐based fetal anatomy screening using large‐scale clinical audit

M. Yaqub, B. Kelly, H. Stobart, R. Napolitano, J. A. Noble, A. T. Papageorghiou

Deep learning enables automatic quantitative assessment of puborectalis muscle and urogenital hiatus in plane of minimal hiatal dimensions

F. van den Noort, C. H. van der Vaart, A. T. M. Grob, M. K. van de Waarsenburg, C. H. Slump, M. van Stralen

July 2019

Prediction of pre‐eclampsia: review of reviews

R. Townsend, A. Khalil, Y. Premakumar, J. Allotey​​​​​​​, K. I. E. Snell​​​​​​​, C. Chan​​​​​​​, L. C. Chappell, ​​​​​​​R. Hooper, M. Green​​​​​​​, B. W. Mol​​​​​​​, B. Thilaganathan​​​​​​​, S. Thangaratinam​​​​​​​, on behalf of the IPPIC Network

Diagnostic accuracy of saline contrast sonohysterography in detecting endometrial polyps in women with postmenopausal bleeding: systematic review and meta‐analysis

A. J. Vroom, A. Timmermans, M. Y. Bongers, E. R. van den Heuvel, P. M. A. J. Geomini, N. van Hanegem

Does levator ani hiatal area configuration affect pelvic organ prolapse?

Y. Xuan, T. Friedman, H. P. Dietz


June 2019

ISUOG Practice Guidelines: ultrasound assessment of fetal biometry and growth

L.J. Salomon, Z. Alfirevic, F. Da Silva Costa, R.L. Deter, F. Figueras, T. Ghi, P. Glanc, A. Khalil, W. Lee, R. Napolitano, A. Papageorghiou, A. Sotiriadis, J. Stirnemann, A. Toi, G. Yeo

Screening for trisomies by cfDNA testing of maternal blood in twin pregnancy: update of The Fetal Medicine Foundation results and meta‐analysis

M. M. Gil, S. Galeva, J. Jani, L. Konstantinidou, R. Akolekar, M. N. Plana, K. H. Nicolaides

Routine ultrasound at 32 vs 36 weeks' gestation: prediction of small‐for‐gestational‐age neonates

A. Ciobanu, N. Khan, A. Syngelaki, R. Akolekar, K. H. Nicolaides

Growth patterns and cerebroplacental hemodynamics in fetuses with congenital heart disease

M. J. Mebius, S. A. B. Clur, A. S. Vink, E. Pajkrt, W. S. Kalteren, E. M. W. Kooi, A. F. Bos, G. J. du Marchie Sarvaas, C. M. Bilardo

Fetal megacystis: a lot more than LUTO

F. Fontanella, L. Maggio, J. B. G. M. Verheij, L. K. Duin, P. N. Adama Van Scheltema, T. E. Cohen-Overbeek, E. Pajkrt, M. Bekker, C. Willekes, C. J. Bax, V. Gracchi, D. Oepkes, C. M. Bilardo

Improved prediction of twin anemia–polycythemia sequence by delta middle cerebral artery peak systolic velocity: new antenatal classification system

L. S. A. Tollenaar, E. Lopriore, J. M. Middeldorp, M. C. Haak, F. J. Klumper, D. Oepkes, F. Slaghekke

Three‐dimensional reconstruction of defects in congenital diaphragmatic hernia: a fetal MRI study

Florian Prayer, Martin Metzelder, Wilfried Krois, Peter C. Brugger, Gerlinde M. Gruber, Michael Weber, Anke Scharrer, Alexander Rokitansky, Georg Langs, Daniela Prayer, Ewald Unger, Gregor Kasprian

May 2019

Added value of chromosomal microarray analysis over conventional karyotyping in stillbirth work‐up: systematic review and meta‐analysis

R. J. Martinez‐Portilla, M. Pauta, A. Hawkins‐Villarreal, M. Rial‐Crestelo, F. Paz y Miño, I. Madrigal, F. Figueras, A. Borrell

Premature placental aging in term small‐for‐gestational‐age and growth‐restricted fetuses

C. Paules, A. P. Dantas, J. Miranda, F. Crovetto, E. Eixarch, V. Rodriguez‐Sureda, C. Dominguez, G. Casu, C. Rovira, A. Nadal, F. Crispi, E. Gratacós

Levator ani muscle coactivation at term is associated with longer second stage of labor in nulliparous women

A. Youssef, E. Montaguti, M. G. Dodaro, R. Kamel, N. Rizzo, G. Pilu

April 2019

Hysterotomy level at Cesarean section and occurrence of large scar defects: a randomized single‐blind trial

O. Vikhareva, G. S. Rickle, T. Lavesson, E. Nedopekina, K. Brandell, K. Å. Salvesen

Delivery or expectant management for prevention of adverse maternal and neonatal outcomes in hypertensive disorders of pregnancy: an individual participant data meta‐analysis

T. P. Bernardes, E. F. Zwertbroek, K. Broekhuijsen, C. Koopmans, K. Boers, M. Owens, J. Thornton, M. G. van Pampus, S. A. Scherjon, K. Wallace, J. Langenveld, P. P. van den Berg, M. T. M. Franssen, B. W. J. Mol, H. Groen

Reference ranges for Doppler indices of umbilical and fetal middle cerebral arteries and cerebroplacental ratio: systematic review

D. Oros, S. Ruiz‐Martinez, E. Staines‐Urias, A. Conde‐Agudelo, J. Villar, E. Fabre, A. T. Papageorghiou

Should phenotype of previous preterm birth influence management of women with short cervix in subsequent pregnancy? Comparison of vaginal progesterone and Arabin pessary

A. Care, B. Muller‐Myhsok, E. Olearo, T. Todros, J. Caradeux, M. Goya, M. Palacio, E. Carreras, Z. Alfirevic

March 2019

Prenatal brain imaging for predicting need for postnatal hydrocephalus treatment in fetuses that had neural tube defect repair in utero

A. Zarutskie, C. Guimaraes, M. Yepez, P. Torres, A. Shetty, H. Sangi-Haghpeykar, W. Lee, J. Espinoza, A. A. Shamshirsaz, A. Nassr, M. A. Belfort, W. E. Whitehead, M. Sanz Cortes

Physiological effects of partial amniotic carbon dioxide insufflation with cold, dry vsheated, humidified gas in a sheep model

B. J. Amberg, R. J. Hodges, A. J. Kashyap, S. M. Skinner, K. A. Rodgers, E. V. McGillick, J. A. Deprest, S. B. Hooper, K. J. Crossley, P. L. J. DeKoninck

Soluble fms‐like tyrosine kinase‐1 to placental growth factor ratio: ruling out pre‐eclampsia for up to 4 weeks and value of retesting

H. Zeisler, E. Llurba, F. J. Chantraine, M. Vatish, A. C. Staff, M. Sennström, M. Olovsson, S. P. Brennecke, H. Stepan, D. Allegranza, M. Schoedl, S. Grill, M. Hund, S. Verlohren

Levator ani muscle morphology and function in women with obstetric anal sphincter injury

I. Volløyhaug, A. Taithongchai, I. Van Gruting, A. Sultan, R. Thakar

February 2019

Perinatal mortality, timing of delivery and prenatal management of monoamniotic twin pregnancy: systematic review and meta‐analysis

F. D'Antonio, A. Odibo, V. Berghella, A. Khalil, K. Hack, G. Saccone, F. Prefumo, D. Buca, M. Liberati, G. Pagani, G. Acharya

Structural changes in puborectalis muscle after vaginal delivery

M. K. Van de Waarsenburg, C. H. van der Vaart, M. I. J. Withagen

January 2019

ISUOG Practice Guidelines: role of ultrasound in screening for and follow‐up of pre‐eclampsia

A. Sotiriadis, E. Hernandez‐Andrade, F. da Silva Costa, T. Ghi, P. Glanc, A. Khalil, W.P. Martins, A.O. Odibo, A.T. Papageorghiou, L.J. Salomon, B. Thilaganathan

Selective fetal growth restriction in monochorionic twin pregnancy: a dilemma for clinicians and a challenge for researchers

A. Khalil, B. Thilaganathan

Maternal and perinatal outcomes after elective induction of labor at 39 weeks in uncomplicated singleton pregnancy: a meta‐analysis

A. Sotiriadis, S. Petousis, B. Thilaganathan, F. Figueras, W. P. Martins, A. O. Odibo, K. Dinas, J. Hyett

Perinatal outcome of monochorionic twin pregnancy complicated by selective fetal growth restriction according to management: systematic review and meta‐analysis

R. Townsend, F. D'Antonio, F. G. Sileo, H. Kumbay, B. Thilaganathan, A. Khalil

Consensus definition and essential reporting parameters of selective fetal growth restriction in twin pregnancy: a Delphi procedure

A. Khalil, I. Beune, K. Hecher, K. Wynia, W. Ganzevoort, K. Reed, L. Lewi, D. Oepkes, E. Gratacos, B. Thilaganathan, S. J. Gordijn

First‐trimester and combined first‐ and second‐trimester prediction of small‐for‐gestational age and late fetal growth restriction

A. Sotiriadis, F. Figueras, M. Eleftheriades, G. K. Papaioannou, G. Chorozoglou, K. Dinas, N. Papantoniou

Comparison of three commercially available placental growth factor‐based tests in women with suspected preterm pre‐eclampsia: the COMPARE study

F. P. McCarthy, C. Gill, P. T. Seed, K. Bramham, L. C. Chappell, A. H. Shennan

Impaired placental perfusion and major fetal cardiac defects

I. Fantasia, W. Andrade, A. Syngelaki, R. Akolekar, K. H. Nicolaides

Fetal fraction‐based risk algorithm for non‐invasive prenatal testing: screening for trisomies 13 and 18 and triploidy in women with low cell‐free fetal DNA

T. McKanna, A. Ryan, S. Krinshpun, S. Kareht, K. Marchand, C. Grabarits, M. Ali, A. McElheny, K. Gardiner, K. LeChien, M. Hsu, D. Saltzman, M. Stosic, K. Martin, P. Benn

Fetal exome sequencing: yield and limitations in a tertiary referral center

H. Daum, V. Meiner, O. Elpeleg, T. Harel

Optimal non‐invasive diagnosis of fetal achondroplasia combining ultrasonography with circulating cell‐free fetal DNA analysis

A. J. Vivanti, J.‐M. Costa, A. Rosefort, P. Kleinfinger, L. Lohmann, A.‐G. Cordier, A. Benachi

Fundal pressure in second stage of labor (Kristeller maneuver) is associated with increased risk of levator ani muscle avulsion

A. Youssef, G. Salsi, I. Cataneo, G. Pacella, C. Azzarone, M. C. Paganotto, J. Krsmanovic, E. Montaguti, L. Cariello, F. Bellussi, N. Rizzo, G. Pilu

Screening for morbidly adherent placenta in early pregnancy

J. Panaiotova, M. Tokunaka, K. Krajewska, N. Zosmer, K. H. Nicolaides

Sonographic examination of uterine niche in non‐pregnant women: a modified Delphi procedure

I. P. M. Jordans, R. A. de Leeuw, S. I. Stegwee, N. N. Amso, P. N. Barri‐Soldevila, T. van den Bosch, T. Bourne, H. A. M. Brölmann, O. Donnez, M. Dueholm, W. J. K. Hehenkamp, N. Jastrow, D. Jurkovic, R. Mashiach, O. Naji, I. Streuli, D. Timmerman, L. F. van der Voet, J. A. F. Huirne

Role of CA125/CEA ratio and ultrasound parameters in identifying metastases to the ovaries in patients with multilocular and multilocular‐solid ovarian masses

F. Moro, T. Pasciuto, D. Djokovic, A. Di Legge, V. Granato, M. C. Moruzzi, R. Mancari, G. F. Zannoni, D. Fischerova, D. Franchi, G. Scambia, A. C. Testa

Changes in urethral mobility and configuration after prolapse repair

L. Wen, K. L. Shek, H. P. Dietz

Detection of rare autosomal trisomies through non‐invasive prenatal testing: benefits for pregnancy management

N. Chatron, M. Till, C. Abel, C. Bardel, F. Ramond, D. Sanlaville, C. Schluth‐Bolard

Binder syndrome: a phenotype rather than a definitive diagnosis?

E. Mazzone, T. Cos Sanchez, N. Persico, M. M. Cannie, J. Jani

Characterization of Bardet–Biedl syndrome by postmortem microfocus computed tomography (micro‐CT)

S. C. Shelmerdine, M. Singh, I. C. Simcock, A. D. Calder, M. Ashworth, A. Beleza, N. J. Sebire, O. J. Arthurs

Evaluation of uterine niche by three‐dimensional sonohysterography and volumetric quantification: techniques and scoring classification system

A. Ludwin, W. P. Martins, I. Ludwin

December 2018

Randomised Italian Sonography for occiput POSition Trial Ante vacuum (R.I.S.POS.T.A.)

T. Ghi, A. Dall'Asta, B. Masturzo, B. Tassis, M. Martinelli, N. Volpe, F. Prefumo, G. Rizzo, G. Pilu, L. Cariello, L. Sabbioni, A. M. Morselli‐Labate, T. Todros, T. Frusca

Metformin for prevention of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy in women with gestational diabetes or obesity: systematic review and meta‐analysis of randomized trials

E. Kalafat, Y. E. Sukur, A. Abdi, B. Thilaganathan, A. Khalil

Prenatal diagnosis of LUTO: improving diagnostic accuracy

F. Fontanella, L. K. Duin, P. N. Adama van Scheltema, T. E. Cohen‐Overbeek, E. Pajkrt, M. Bekker, C. Willekes, C. J. Bax, V. Gracchi, D. Oepkes, C. M. Bilardo