Fetal Brain Imaging
May 12, 2024 ISUOG Education Course

Exploring the fetal brain: imaging, prognosis and counselling

Join us for this new learning experience. Delegates will receive access to education materials (articles, journals, quizzes, scan and lectures) and on-demand access to the entire live program until July 12th. 'Exploring the fetal brain: imaging, prognosis and counselling' is led by Prof. Francesco D'Antonio, Prof. Asma Khalil and Prof. Simon Meagher. This blended learning experience will allow delegates to engage, digest and understand key concepts from basic to advance in the fetal brain.

May 03, 2024 ISUOG Approved Course

GynoUS - Global Conference on Gynecological Ultrasound

Inviting Gynecologists, Radiologists, and Sonologists, to join us for a three-day course on Gynecological Ultrasound. On May 3rd, immerse yourself in a full-day workshop focusing on ultrasound techniques across different conditions. Following this, on May 4th & 5th, delve into a two-day conference covering ultrasound diagnosis in various gynecological pathologies, the role of ultrasound in guiding surgery for endometriosis, enhanced imaging techniques, and ultrasound-guided procedures beneficial to gynecologists. Additionally, there's an optional one-day post-conference fun trip to Mysore with the faculty. We eagerly await your participation and engagement.

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Apr 28, 2024 ISUOG Education Course

Third Trimester Ultrasound

Register to watch the on-demand content from our advanced education course on the new UOG ‘Third Trimester Guideline’ led by Prof. Asma Khalil, A/Prof. Alexandros Sotiriadis and many of the authors from the guideline.  Over 8 hours of on-demand content; update your knowledge and learn with how to understand and apply the guideline to your practice. Hear the debates and questions from the impressive faculty and your peers who attended live.

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Apr 26, 2024 ISUOG Approved Course

Masterclass in Obstetrics and Gynaecology Ultrasound

Master Class in Obstetrics and Gynecology Ultrasound Course is approved by ISUOG and Organised by AECS MED in Dubai. Through a series of lectures, videos, case presentations sessions, the course aims to offer you a deeper insight in obstetrics and gynecological ultrasound.

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Mar 23, 2024 ISUOG Approved Course

Fetal Neurosonography

Welcome to register for the annual One Day Focus “FETAL NEUROSONOGRAPHY” 2024! Scientific program is focused on Ob&Gyn specialists, fetal medicine doctors, sonographers and radiologists, prenatal geneticists and practitioners in these fields. Join online wherever you are!

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Mar 21, 2024 ISUOG Approved Course

Expert Imaging in Obstetrics & Gynaecology (EIOG)

Convened by Imperial College London's Professors Tom Bourne and Christoph Lees, join us for a comprehensive 2-day conference focussing on all aspects of the use of ultrasound in obstetrics and gynaecology, including a trainee program and separate streams for early pregnancy, gynaecology and fetal medicine.

Mar 16, 2024 ISUOG Approved Course

Annual meeting of Japan Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology

ISUOG faculty members/ambassadors involved in this conference include Ritsuko K. Pooh (Japan), Lisa Hui (Australia) and Laurent Salomon (France). The JSUOG meeting will include expert lectures on various topics, live ultrasound demonstrations by experts.

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Mar 14, 2024 ISUOG Approved Course

10th Giessener Symposium

The 10th Giessen Symposium, Prenatal Medicine & Fetal Therapy, 14th-16th March 2024 at Universitätshauptgebäude Gießen. Virtual participation is also possible.

Mar 06, 2024 ISUOG Education Course

AI Trainee Webinar

Our second trainee webinar is now available to watch on-demand. It was led by Dr Srdjan Saso and a panel of dedicated international experts.

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Mar 02, 2024 ISUOG Approved Course

Advanced Fetal Ultrasound Course 2024: ‘ See the Future, Witness the Now’

Organised by the Persatuan Obstetrik dan Ginekologi Negeri Sembilan (POGNS), this intensive and enriching two-days course is scheduled to take place in Seremban (Malaysia) on the 2nd and 3rd of March 2024. The course is directed by Dr Krishna Kumar and Dr Deepa Ramudaram and will be conducted in English.
The following members of the ISUOG International Faculty will be speaking at the course:

  • Dr. Prashant Acharya
  • Dr. Suresh Seshadri