ISUOG is a charitable organisation and the leading international society of experts in ultrasound for obstetrics and gynecology. Beginning in 1991 with the first issue UOG Journal and the first World Congress, ISUOG has grown delivering education to members in 140 countries. Join our growing global community and gain access to a broad range of educational resources for all training and professional levels.

Our Vision

ISUOG’s long term vision is that every woman in the world has access to ultrasound, that every scan provider is competent and that the diagnosis of obstetric and gynecologic conditions is effective so that women’s health outcomes improve.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve women’s health through the provision, advancement and dissemination of the highest quality education, standards and research information around ultrasound in obstetrics and gynecology.

Our Values

In our work, research and teaching we will demonstrate excellence, integrity, respect, inclusiveness and passion.

A Letter From Our President 

ISUOG is pleased to announce our new President, Professor Tom Bourne: 

Dear Colleague,

I am delighted to be writing to you for the first time as President of ISUOG. Taking over from Katia Bilardo is the definition of a “tough act to follow”, but hopefully I will manage!

Clearly 2020 has been a very difficult year for everyone working in healthcare, and our field of ultrasound in obstetrics and gynaecology is not an exception. After a short respite much of the world is now moving into a second wave of infection that in many cases promises to be as bad if not worse than earlier in the year. Thanks to many colleagues, but in particular to the members of the Safety and Clinical standards committees, ISUOG acted quickly when the pandemic arrived to produce guidelines covering most common areas of practice. Webinars from world-class speakers covered subjects ranging from appropriate PPE and unit organisation to thrombo-prophylaxis and vertical transmission. We hope these resources helped members around the world. It is important that ISUOG continues to support clinicians during the rest of the pandemic.

Undoubtedly the world feels very different to a year ago with many feeling isolated and some not seeing friends or family for months. Academic life has been a mirror of this experience. No face-to-face meetings, collaborations made more difficult, and multiple conferences cancelled. So it was with a heavy heart that the ISUOG trustees made the inevitable decision that the 2020 world conference could not go ahead as planned in Glasgow. Perhaps it was all too perfect. Holding ISUOG’s 30th anniversary meeting at the birthplace of ultrasound in our specialty, with the spirit of Donald and Brown looking on, and Stuart Campbell on stage telling everyone how it all started. So it was with no guarantee of success that the decision was made to hold the conference virtually.

On hearing this news I am sure many people thought that the idea of attending another “zoom” or “teams” meeting would be enough to make them hide under their desk. However the first virtual ISUOG congress confounded even the most “zoomed out” amongst us. The platform was a revelation, easy to navigate and with multiple options to choose from between hubs and the main auditoria. The “chat” function meant more people felt able to ask questions. The online format increased accessibility for many who often cannot travel. After so long without a meeting I felt much more connected to colleagues than I had expected. It is clear this has been a milestone for ISUOG. Whether or not ISUOG 2021 features an “in person” meeting, it is clear that the virtual platform offers a number of advantages, which we are only beginning to explore. Like many, I think the future will be “hybrid”.  

The focus on developing an engaging online platform will enable ISUOG to improve access and discover imaginative ways to deliver education globally. Complimenting the virtual conference platform, the ISUOG learning management system is also taking shape. This will streamline education and accreditation activity. In the coming year we will take our first steps towards decentralisation, with plans to open offices in two new regions. The aim will be to create more opportunities for local participation in the society, and to ensure that ISUOG education reflects local needs and is delivered by local clinicians. In parallel to this the society recognises that to improve women’s health, we must improve our communications. This includes both with the membership, but also with policymakers, NGOs, patients and the public in order to influence policy. To achieve our goals, ISUOG will identify the best talent, and mentor and invest in the next generation. They are the future of the society and the specialty.

In my first newsletter I want to say something about wellbeing. Providing good care for patients is not just about being technically capable of carrying out an ultrasound scan. It requires empathy and compassion. All of this is challenged when clinicians providing the care are suffering from burnout or are bullied. Moving forward ISUOG will promote clinician wellbeing as part of its activities and encourage compassionate leadership. Looking after our colleagues is going to be even more important over what looks like being a difficult next six months.

Finally, I would like to remind everyone that to celebrate its 30th anniversary, ISUOG will be holding a free one day virtual meeting in the New Year to showcase the best science and education that the society has to offer. It will include lectures from this year’s gold medal winner Davor Jurkovic and the Stuart Campbell award recipient Phillippe Jeanty. The details will be published soon, but it will be an occasion not to be missed.

With best wishes,


Tom Bourne,

ISUOG President


Professor Tom Bourne's inaugural speech


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ISUOG Anti-harassment position statement

ISUOG is committed to ensuring a safe and respectful environment, free from harassment, in which its members may engage in academic exchange or educational activity. We promote diversity and equality as the basis for positive working relationships and expect our members, employees, volunteers and all those who come into contact with the organisation to be treated, and to treat others, fairly, with dignity and with respect.

These principles and expected behaviours are consistent with ISUOG’s values of Excellence, Integrity, Respect, Inclusiveness and Passion. Thank you for applying them in your interactions with our Society.