ISUOG Basic Training is designed for medical professionals who are new to ultrasound. The Basic Training program was designed to tackle the problem of low quality and varied curricula in the world today. The program content therefore focuses on standardising a basic approach to OB/GYN ultrasound using a systematic approach to make sure that the best standard of care can be offered. 

Basic Training comprises both a theoretical component and a practical component. Theoretical courses are delivered as an online program of self-study, and also as in-person courses run by training institutions. This will now be supported by practical courses, which have been delivered around the world, and will now also be run at the ISUOG offices in London.

Although the course is a foundational approach a small amount of knowledge and skills in ultrasound and obstetrics is expected. We would expect the trainee to have a basic knowledge of the following areas: female pelvic anatomy, embryology, dysmorphology, genetics and the physiology and pathophysiology of pregnancy. See our Basic Training recommendations for more advice on Basic Training.

Our Basic Training program provides a comprehensive introduction to the essential topics in ultrasound for obstetrics and gynecology, with the goal that on completion of the whole program, trainees will have the knowledge and skills to perform an unsupervised ultrasound scan, and confidently know when to refer a patient.


How Are We Doing This?

The Basic Training mission is to ensure that all scan providers everywhere, gain an adequate foundation education in the use of ultrasound in obstetrics and gynecology. 

We started delivering the first Basic Training lectures in august 2016. By the end of 2023 we had reached over 11,000 trainees in over 115 countries around the world. We then launched the online self-study version, which reached over 95 countries in just 4 months. We aim to reach every corner of the world, and inform every practitioner using ultrasound for obstetrics and gynecology, with our Basic Training program. 

Basic Training Online Program

Basic Training Online Program

The Basic Training Online Program is the theoretical component of Basic Training and is always available as online self-study in the ISUOG Academy.

Run a Basic Training program

Run a Basic Training program

ISUOG offers universities and training institutions the opportunity to run an ISUOG Basic Training program.

Basic Training contributors

This unique Basic Training program was first conceived by Prof. Ann Tabor, Prof. Dr C.M. (Katia) Bilardo, Dr Titia Cohen-Overbeek, Dr Trish Chudleigh, and Dr Reem Abu-Rustum. The theoretical syllabus was first delivered in 2016 and the practical syllabus was first delivered in 2023.

We want to acknowledge the hard work of our contributors in making the Basic Training program. Without these volunteers Basic Training would not have been possible. Click here to find out more about our Basic Training contributors.

The Basic Training Subcommittee is responsible for the development and maintenance of the Basic Training program, education materials, practical courses, and distribution through partnerships. 

Basic Training 2023 and Beyond