We want to connect our community together.  By providing a platform we have an opportunity to achieve this, enabling our community to interact, share knowledge and build relationships. 

We want to connect our community together. 

The results from the 2023 membership survey showed that members would like easier access to networking opportunities. 

Creating a more engaged professional community is an important part of our role as a membership organisation. So, we’re launching Guild, the online networking platform, to help you connect with your professional peers. 

Guild is designed to help you to interact with your community, share knowledge and build relationships – all from your mobile device. The platform includes closed special interest groups where members can have more thoughtful and in-depth conversations on specific topics of interest. It’s very easy to use and you can dip in and out and manage notifications to suit you.

As part of a successful trial last summer, members were able to vote on the special interest groups they wanted to see on the platform. As a result, the first three to appear will focus on: 

  • Fetal growth
  • Fetal heart, CHD and cardiac functions
  • Pregnancy complications

How to join a group

Please note: you need to be a member in order to access the online groups. You can join online here

Please follow the steps below to create your profile, join a group and introduce yourself. 

Step one:

Creating your profile is simple and takes a couple of minutes - either download the mobile app or use the desktop link below and follow the instructions to join. You will need a photo to upload.

If you are joining on your mobile device, please download the Guild app first. Either from the App Store or Google Play. If you are joining on a desktop computer, create your profile first here.

Step two:

Log into myISUOG and go to the Online Groups page. You can find this by selecting 'Online Groups'  from the menu on the righthand side or use this link to go straight to the page

We’ll be launching three further groups covering the top subjects in Gynecology as voted for by members very soon. In the meantime, why not try Guild for yourself and see how easy it is to enhance your professional networks.