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Limitations of use 
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ISUOG and the public 
We regret that it is not possible for ISUOG to offer medical advice on any individual or general medical condition. Users of this website seeking advice on any medical condition should consult their medical practitioner.

Patient confidentiality
All patients should have confidence and trust that their personal and sometimes sensitive information obtained by the medical profession relating to their health and other matters is kept in confidence. We ask all contributors to ISUOG activities to maintain and protect the confidentiality of information relating to their patients.  Rare exceptions are made for the disclosure of identifiable patient information for research purposes.  In these cases ISUOG requires evidence of approval by a Research Ethics Committee.

If you become aware of any disclosure of patient information in any presentation or contribution to ISUOG activities you should contact the ISUOG Secretariat staff immediately using the contact information below:

ISUOG Secretariat
E: [email protected]
T: +44 (0)20 74719955

Please provide specific details of where patient information has been disclosed:

  1. Name of the lecture.
  2. Name of the speaker
  3. Exact location where this was found, e.g. On Demand, online learning modules.
  4. If you have the specific URL where the information was found, please send this to us to review.

Links to other sites 
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Links to this site 
WWW links to this site are permitted provided the link is to the original document on this server. Copying materials to your own website is not permissible without prior agreement of ISUOG.

Rights and permissions policy 
ISUOG publications are protected by copyright and all rights are reserved. ISUOG publications may not be reproduced in any form or by any means without written permission from the copyright owner. Permission requests for ISUOG publications (other than Ultrasound in Obstetrics & Gynecology) and for foreign language translations should be directed to the ISUOG Secretariat at [email protected]
Permission requests for selections from articles in Ultrasound in Obstetrics & Gynecology should be directed to ISUOG's Editorial Office at [email protected]

The permission to reproduce ISUOG material must be sought well before the expected publication date of your document. The written requests should contain the following information: 

  1. Precise citation of the sought document or selection 
  2. Title and publisher of your publication 
  3. Means by which your publication will be distributed (ie, included in a book, as a part of your patient education packet, handouts to students, on a CD, or your intranet, etc.) 

Permissions are typically granted to reproduce selections of current ISUOG materials based on the following conditions: 

  1. Full credit to the source is shown as indicated in the permission granting letter. 
  2. The information must be reproduced without modification, with the exception of style and format changes. 
  3. Permission is given for one-time use and does not extend to electronic rights, subsequent editions, or foreign translations. 
  4. Permission is contingent on payment of a fee of £100.00 per selection.

Permissions are not granted to reproduce ISUOG material in any of the following circumstances: 

  1. Use of all or most of a publication  
  2. Electronic reproduction of material in any form 
  3. Use of material that is not original with ISUOG (the original publisher must be contacted) 
  4. Reproduction of a document that has been withdrawn from circulation

ISUOG logo 
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Foreign language translations 
Permission to translate documents into a foreign language is extended through a written agreement.

Copyright Release 
All authors, illustrators, and editors who contribute to ISUOG publications should sign a copyright release, which entitles the Society to copyright their work. This is not necessary if the individual is working under contract.

Joint Publication 
Publications may be produced jointly under an agreement that conveys copyright to ISUOG and extends a licence to the collaborating organisation(s) for the unrestricted use of the document. This agreement entitles ISUOG to retain sole copyright of the document and to use the name and logo of other organisations. 

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