Here you can learn about what ISUOG Approved Courses are and how to get your online or livestreamed course approved by ISUOG. 

Apply for ISUOG endorsement for your online educational program and encourage international liaison in education.

The objective of approved courses is to offer ISUOG’s official endorsement to quality educational programs in ultrasound in obstetrics and gynecology. In so doing, ISUOG aims to encourage international liaison in education and to identify an internationally acceptable standard for further education in the field.

Applying for ISUOG online course approval:

Any individual member of ISUOG, organising courses or training programs in ultrasound in obstetrics and gynecology, or perinatal medicine, may apply for ISUOG approval of their online course or program. The courses are organised independently of the Society but, provided they fulfil the requirements outlined below, can be formally recognised by ISUOG for their quality and educational value to ultrasound in obstetrics and gynecology. The course can take place in any language as long as translation of the program is provided in English for approval. Course formats can be developed together with the person(s) in charge of the local organisation.

For more details read the ISUOG Approved Course Terms and Conditions. Please send us a signed Terms and Conditions form and filled Approved course form with your application for approval at [email protected]:

ISUOG Approved Courses Terms and Conditions

ISUOG Approved Courses Application Form


Find below details of upcoming courses. For more approved courses, please see the events calendar.

Upcoming courses

Mar 21, 2024 ISUOG Approved Course

Expert Imaging in Obstetrics & Gynaecology (EIOG)

Convened by Imperial College London's Professors Tom Bourne and Christoph Lees, join us for a comprehensive 2-day conference focussing on all aspects of the use of ultrasound in obstetrics and gynaecology, including a trainee program and separate streams for early pregnancy, gynaecology and fetal medicine.

Mar 1, 2024 ISUOG Approved Course

2D & 3D FETAL ULTRASOUND: New Horizons

Welcome to register for the brand-new authors’ Course “2D & 3D FETAL ULTRASOUND: New Horizons” from the world-recognized experts Prof. Chaoui and Dr. Benoit in Warsaw! This course is dedicated to Ob&Gyn and feto-maternal medicine specialists interested in fetal ultrasound. Modern prenatal diagnosis relies on high-resolution ultrasound and the detection of details in addition to the knowledge of a large number of fetal diseases and syndromes. This one-and-a-half-day course has two parts, one afternoon will be dedicated to 3D ultrasound from basic to expert knowledge and the second day on the ultrasound signs of anomalies of the different organs and at different stages of pregnancy. Prof. Chaoui and Dr. Benoit are looking forward to meeting you in Poland!

Jan 27, 2024 ISUOG Approved Course


StudyMEDIC offers an ISUOG approved 1 Month, 3 Month and 6 Month Hybrid Course in Basic Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynaecology with a combination of online and multi centric hands-on training (1 Day, 3 Days and 5 Days respectively, depending on length of the Hybrid course). Courses are delivered by ISUOG faculty members, and a course library shall be provided throughout each course with the references and the practice guidelines for pre and post sessions learning.

Mar 16, 2024 ISUOG Approved Course

Annual meeting of Japan Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology

ISUOG faculty members/ambassadors involved in this conference include Ritsuko K. Pooh (Japan), Lisa Hui (Australia) and Laurent Salomon (France). The JSUOG meeting will include expert lectures on various topics, live ultrasound demonstrations by experts.

Mar 1, 2024 ISUOG Approved Course

PIT Fetomaternal 2024 Malang - Workshop Session

The Indonesian Association for Maternal and Fetal Medicine are proud to present the PIT Fetomaternal 2024 Malang event. ISUOG have approved the Workshops, which take place on the 1st and 2nd of March (the Symposium is from 4th March - 6th March). The Workshop Sessions are:

  • 1. Developmental sonoanatomy of the anterior complex and the CC and abnormal imaging patterns
  • 2. Examination of the Brain : Protocol and Tips and Tricks
  • 3. Fetal neurology clinic : Role of Multidisciplinary Team in Management of CNS Anomalies
  • 4. Neurosonoembryology and How to perform 1st trimester neurosonography
  • 5. Fetal brain related to FGR and CHD

Mar 2, 2024 ISUOG Approved Course

Advanced Fetal Ultrasound Course 2024: ‘ See the Future, Witness the Now’

Organised by the Persatuan Obstetrik dan Ginekologi Negeri Sembilan (POGNS), this intensive and enriching two-days course is scheduled to take place in Seremban (Malaysia) on the 2nd and 3rd of March 2024. The course is directed by Dr Krishna Kumar and Dr Deepa Ramudaram and will be conducted in English.
The following members of the ISUOG International Faculty will be speaking at the course:

  • Dr. Prashant Acharya
  • Dr. Suresh Seshadri

Our Approved Courses through the years: