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Dec 11, 2018 ISUOG news

Online Education Content Task Force is recruiting a new chair

There is still time to apply for the chair position of ISUOG's online education content Task Force. If you are particularly interested in online learning and want to help us build our new online school, please submit your application by the 4th of January 2019.

Dec 5, 2018 Journal highlights

December 2018 UOG Highlights

The December issue of Ultrasound in Obstetrics & Gynecology includes a Randomized Controlled Trial on the sonographic diagnosis of fetal head position before vacuum extraction, a Systematic Review on metformin for the prevention of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy in women with gestational diabetes or obesity, an Original Article on the diagnostic yield of chromosomal microarray analysis in fetuses with isolated increased nuchal translucency, and an Original Article on maternal blood-pressure trends throughout pregnancy and development of pre-eclampsia in women receiving first-trimester aspirin prophylaxis.

Dec 5, 2018 Newsletter

December newsletter

This month, we have a video message from the new ISUOG President Dr Caterina Bilardo asking ISUOG members and non-members to get involved with the society and tell us what you need from ISUOG. We need you! We also have information on two upcoming ISUOG Education courses, Multiple Pregnancy and Placental Insufficiency, and other ISUOG educaitonal opportunities. You can also check out the December 2018 UOG Journal highlights, ISUOG2018 awards, a new Basic Training film and more.

Dec 3, 2018 ISUOG news

Multiple Pregnancy 9-10 February 2019 - register now!

Register now for our 2019 ISUOG Education course on Multiple Pregnancy. Why attend? 99% of our delegates at our 2017 Multiple Pregnancy course agreed they would recommend the course to their colleagues – so don’t miss out! Key speakers include Asma Khalil (course chair), Katia Bilardo, Monique Haak, Kurt Hecher, Liesbeth Lewi and Roberto Romeo. Join us onsite in London, UK, or via live stream. Live stream recordings will be available to all course delegates for 1 month after the course for you to re-watch or catch up with any content.

Nov 30, 2018 ISUOG news

There's still time to register for 'Advanced Fetal Neurosonography: when do I need to refer for fetal MRI?'

This course takes place next week on 7-8 December 2018 in London, UK. Onsite attendance has sold out, but you can register to live stream this course! Reduced fees are available to ISUOG members.

Nov 29, 2018 ISUOG news

ISUOG is recruiting for the following committee positions! Apply before 4th January 2019.

The ISUOG Outreach Committee is now recruiting for a new member. If you are passionate about improving maternal health outcomes in the developing world, and want to help us develop our Outreach program, let us know! Furthermore, ISUOG's online education content Task Force is now recruiting for a new chair. If you have a particular interest in online learning and want to help us build our new online school, apply now.

Nov 28, 2018 ISUOG news

Congratulations to all of the #ISUOG2018 scientific award winners!

Scientific awards are presented to authors of the top abstracts from the World Congress on Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology every year.

Nov 22, 2018 ISUOG news

ISUOG needs you

ISUOG President Dr Caterina Bilardo delivered this message at the Annual General Meeting at #ISUOG2018: “We need you and we need you not only as attendee of this congress but also as an author, reviewer, teacher, initiator of new ideas, as provider of images or video clips that we will use to enrich our enormous educational material. So, please get close to us and we will get close to you.”

Nov 21, 2018 ISUOG news

Testimonials from our #ISUOG2018 Travel Grant Winners

"Through the unique travel grant program set up by ISUOG, I had the privilege of attending the 2018 conference in Singapore. Although, I have relied on the educational content published by ISUOG throughout my career, this is the first conference I have been able to attend and it far exceeded my expectations. The educational program was extremely comprehensive and provided updates regarding a vast array of topics. I currently work in Kenya and the travel grant program allowed me to learn and grow as a clinician while affording me the opportunity to develop and foster professional relationships that I would otherwise not have had.”

Nov 15, 2018 Journal news

Sliding sign in third‐trimester sonographic evaluation of intra‐abdominal adhesions in women undergoing repeat Cesarean section: a novel technique

New UOG Journal video clip illustrating a simple sonographic marker ‘sliding sign’ of the uterus in 3rd trimester which might be able to discriminate between high and low risk for intra‐abdominal adhesions in patients with a history of Cesarean delivery.

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