ISUOG organises a select number of educational courses each year on specialised topics chosen by our members.

As responsible caring organisations, the safety of the ISUOG members, delegates and staff, as well as all physicians and the patients they serve, are the highest priority. Minimising risk and the challenges presented by the emerging COVID-19 pandemic means that we are taking decisions that ensure that our doctors stay close to their hospitals and healthcare centres. For that reason,  ISUOG (endorsed) activities onsite for the upcoming three months have been postponed or cancelled.

Upcoming courses

Coronavirus: Wellbeing and the workforce

The third webinar in the ISUOG COVID-19 web series will discuss staff wellbeing and maintaining a healthy workforce, during a time where services are being stretched and colleagues are being pushed to manage the COVID-19 outbreak. Register to watch live and ask questions to our expert panel.

ISUOG Basic Training: Fetal Anomalies

Join us on Wednesday 30th September 2020 for our ISUOG Basic Training Course in Sibiu, Romania.

Doppler and maternal vascular imaging

Livestream our 2 day problem-based course on 23-24 July. Chaired by Prof. Christoph Lees and Prof. Asma Khalil, the course will bring together two important imaging themes: maternal and fetal Doppler, and maternal cardiovascular function.

How to prepare your unit for Coronavirus

Watch the first webinar in the ISUOG COVID-19 web series, discussing the status of the Coronavirus and what action should be taken by professionals to help protect patients and colleagues.

Coronavirus: Crisis management, equipment and rationalising services

Join us for the second webinar in the ISUOG COVID-19 webseries, moderated by Prof. Tom Bourne and Prof. Christoph Lees.