The ISUOG Advanced Training Curriculum is a comprehensive collection of over 60 separate courses in all areas of ultrasound in obstetrics and gynecology. You can freely choose which courses you need to do. On completion of each course, you will have reached an advanced understanding of the topic covered.


Number of courses to choose from: over 60
Duration of each course: 7 hours on average
Length of access for each course: 12 months
Certificates: CME credits and ISUOG Certificate of Completion
Access: Online learning, learn at your own pace.  
Education level: Advanced (next level following Basic Training)
Program language: English

Suitable for: Practicing obstetricians and gynecologists, trainees, fellows, residents, midwives, nurses, radiographers, sonographers, GPs and healthcare professionals providing antenatal care and performing ultrasound scans. 

Description: The training courses that make up the Advanced Training Curriculum have been carefully curated and designed by leading practitioners for practitioners worldwide. We have collaborated with top-tier medical professionals to make sure you receive invaluable insights, with lecture videos, explanations, live demonstrations and access to the most important latest research findings. Each course brings together resources on a topic, so that you have everything you need in one place, with extensive supplementary learning materials and 12 months access makes it an excellent resource for you to refer back to.



"I am very pleased with the cervical cancer course from ISUOG. The supplementary material and the videos are very clear and didactic. I appreciate your great work in continuing education." 

"The material is excellently presented!" 


Full curriculum course list

Full details of each course including prices, learning objectives, descriptions and course contributors can be found on the individual course pages when the courses are ready. So far we have 15 courses ready, please follow the links to see the course pages below. This curriculum is still in development, so please come back regularly to discover the new courses that we have available in the list below. 

Advanced ultrasound imaging

Gynecology assessments in early pregnancy

  • ATC2 Early pregnancy
  • ATC2 Ectopic pregnancy
  • ATC2 Molar pregnancy and gestational trophoblastic disease

Obstetrics – first trimester scan

  • ATC3 First trimester protocols
  • ATC3 First trimester - heart
  • ATC3 First trimester - brain and CNS (course page)
  • ATC3 First trimester - face and neck
  • ATC3 First trimester - gastrointestinal and urinary
  • ATC3 First trimester - skeletal
  • ATC3 First trimester - cervix, placenta and adnexa

Obstetrics – mid trimester fetal anomalies scan

  • ATC4 Fetal heart - septal defects and ventricular anomalies
  • ATC4 Fetal heart - outflow tract and valvular defects
  • ATC4 Fetal heart - fetal arrhythmias, tumors and other cardiac defects
  • ATC4 Fetal anomalies - brain and CNS part 1
  • ATC4 Fetal anomalies - brain and CNS part 2
  • ATC4 Fetal anomalies - face and neck
  • ATC4 Fetal anomalies - thorax
  • ATC4 Fetal anomalies - upper and lower gastrointestinal
  • ATC4 Fetal anomalies - urinary and genitalia
  • ATC4 Fetal anomalies - skeletal dysplasia
  • ATC4 Fetal anomalies - placenta
  • ATC4 Fetal anomalies - infectious syndromes/teratogens
  • ATC4 Fetal anomalies - chromosomal/genetic syndromes

Obstetrics – key assessments

Obstetrics – multiple pregnancy


  • ATC7 Evaluation and management of infertility
  • ATC7 Disorders of sexual development

Assessing gynecological health

  • ATC8 The normal gyne examination
  • ATC8 Cervix - benign pathology
  • ATC8 Endometrium - benign pathology
  • ATC8 Myometrium - benign pathology
  • ATC8 Ovarian - benign abnormalities
  • ATC8 Uterine malformations
  • ATC8 Tubal pathologies

Gynecological complications

Gynecological oncology




The Online Education Sub-Committee is responsible for the review and restructuring of the existing and future education content of the Society into a comprehensive modular teaching framework. They are engaged in developing this curriculum.