ISUOG Outreach builds a sustainable national health structure for providing OBGYN Ultrasound to all women in a specific underserved country.

Maternal and neonatal mortality remain unacceptably high in many countries around the world. Every year over 300,000 women die following complications in pregnancy and childbirth with 99% of these women dying in poorer countries. Most of these deaths are preventable. 

ISUOG Outreach helps a country to provide quality and accessible care to all its women, through training the trainers in Ultrasound and raising the level of their skills and knowledge. ISUOG Outreach also works with their Governments to ensure sustainability through post-program support, introducing the ISUOG curricula as national (or University), and providing access to resources to all ISUOG members from that country.

ISUOG Outreach recruits ISUOG members as Volunteers and Virtual Mentors from all parts of the world to provide their expertise and share their experience thus helping us to deliver the programmes.

ISUOG Outreach Vision: Every woman should undergo a safe and patient-centered quality ultrasound as part of their healthcare evaluation.

ISUOG Outreach Mission: Bring comprehensive and sustainable OBGYN ultrasound education globally so every woman can access high-quality ultrasound services with the aim of impacting health outcomes. 

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ISUOG Outreach goes global

Outreach is proud to deliver its programmes across the globe, and currently we support health systems in 5 countries – Oman, Sudan, Rwanda, Kyrgyzstan and Haiti. We are constantly communicating with potential sites, and assessing the new programme proposals. Please check our progress in implementation of all current programmes below.


Oman Rwanda Sudan Haiti


Recent Programs

May 8, 2022 Outreach projects


ISUOG Outreach heads to North Africa and launches a new program to improve ultrasound access and education in Upper Egypt.

Jan 10, 2022 Outreach projects


ISUOG Outreach heads to Central Asia and launches a new program to improve ultrasound access and education in Kyrgyzstan.

Get Involved

Make a difference and join the team: volunteer for ISUOG

With over 130 registered volunteers and teams working across five continents, the ISUOG Outreach program depends on the expertise and willingness of its volunteers to offer their time and dedication to help train health professionals around the world and ensure sustainablity and impact locally.  Besides that, ISUOG members devote their time as Virtual Mentors, offering guidance and advice on a regular basis to the participants of the Outreach programmes around the world. Check their testimonials below. 

What being a Volunteer means


Outreach Education Resources

Educate and disseminate: check out the Outreach resources 

ISUOG Outreach is proud to share its resources used in a low setting context with others in efforts to dissemenate knowledge that can be useful in promoting both sustainable and positive outcomes to the quality of women's health in the developing world.

ISUOG: Plan your movements and improve your image

ISUOG Ambassador to the Middle East, Dr. Hisham Mirghani illustrates a key ISUOG skill, as he describes five to six probe key movements that trainees need to learn in order to successfully operate an ultrasound probe.