ISUOG Outreach builds a sustainable national health structure for providing OBGYN Ultrasound to all women in a specific underserved country.

ISUOG Outreach has been active in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Read below to discover the areas where our impact has been most significant. 


Maternal and neonatal mortality remain unacceptably high in many countries around the world. Every year over 300,000 women die following complications in pregnancy and childbirth with 99% of these women dying in poorer countries. Most of these deaths are preventable. 

ISUOG Outreach is dedicated to advancing healthcare for women by assisting countries in delivering high-quality and accessible care. This is achieved through a multifaceted approach, primarily by training ultrasound educators, elevating their expertise, and thereby enhancing the overall standard of care. Collaborating closely with governments, ISUOG Outreach prioritizes sustainability through comprehensive post-program support. The initiative goes beyond training alone; it involves the integration of ISUOG curricula at the national or university level. Additionally, it ensures equitable access to resources for all ISUOG members within the country. This comprehensive strategy aims to empower healthcare providers, foster long-term systemic improvements, and ultimately contribute to the well-being of women on a global scale.


ISUOG Outreach Vision

Every woman should undergo a safe and patient-centered quality ultrasound as part of their healthcare evaluation.

ISUOG Outreach Mission

Bring comprehensive and sustainable OBGYN ultrasound education globally so every woman can access high-quality ultrasound services with the aim of impacting health outcomes. 



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The ISUOG Outreach program relies on the expertise and dedication of its volunteers. Their commitment is instrumental, contributing to the program's mission of ensuring sustainability and making a lasting impact on local communities.

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ISUOG Outreach is committed to sharing knowledge that contributes to sustainable and positive outcomes for women's health in the developing world. The following resources, created by the ISUOG Outreach Community and its supporters, are freely available for use to further support our mission.