The ISUOG Outreach program relies on the expertise and dedication of its volunteers. Their commitment is instrumental, contributing to the program's mission of ensuring sustainability and making a lasting impact on local communities.


What being a volunteer means


What you can expect from ISUOG Outreach

  • You will be part of a dynamic team comprised of international ISUOG Outreach volunteers as well as partner organisations, NGOs and agencies.
  • Work in diverse and very often massively undersourced regions of the world that need both your help, experitise and time.
  • Become exposed to fascinating cultures, professionals and ways to approach a profession and speciality you love.
  • Mentor a guide trainees from across the world as they hone in on their skills as ultrasound trainers.
  • Grow and develop both personally and professionally. 



Please consult our Privacy Policy to understand what we do with your information as an Outreach Volunteer.