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Doppler ultrasound
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Sep 18, 2018 Journal Club

UOG Journal Club: October 2018

Maternal hemodynamics, fetal biometry and Doppler indices in pregnancies followed up for suspected fetal growth restriction

Mar 5, 2018 Journal Club

UOG Journal Club: March 2018

Prognostic accuracy of cerebroplacental ratio and middle cerebral artery Doppler for adverse perinatal outcome: systematic review and meta-analysis

Dec 28, 2017 Journal Club - Spanish

UOG Journal Club: Noviembre 2017

Resultado de embarazo gemelar monocorial con restricción en crecimiento intrauterino selectivo de acuerdo al patrón de flujometria Doppler de arteria umbilical del gemelo pequeño: revisión sistemática y meta- análisis

Nov 6, 2017 Journal Club

UOG Journal Club: November 2017

Outcome of monochorionic twin pregnancy with selective intrauterine growth restriction according to umbilical artery Doppler flow pattern of smaller twin: systematic review and meta-analysis

Jan 1, 2017 Journal Club

UOG Journal Club: January 2017

Longitudinal hemodynamics in acute phase of treatment with labetalol in hypertensive pregnant women to predict need for vasodilatory therapy

Feb 4, 2013 Practice Guidelines

Use of Doppler ultrasonography in obstetrics

UOG Volume 41, Issue 2, Date: February 2013, Pages: 233-239

Jun 1, 2011 Safety Statements

ISUOG statement on the safe use of Doppler in the 11 to 13 + 6-week fetal ultrasound examination

UOG: Volume 37, Issue 6, Date: June 2011, Page: 628