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Mar 31, 2020 Journal Club - Chinese

UOG Journal Club: March 2020, Chinese


Mar 16, 2020 Journal Club - Spanish

UOG Journal Club: March 2020, Spanish

Comparación de conteo folicular antral y niveles de hormona anti-Mülleriana sérica para la determinación de la dosis de gonadotropina en la fertilización in-vitro: ensayo aleatorizado

Mar 2, 2020 Journal Club

UOG Journal Club: March 2020

Comparison of antral follicle count and serum anti-Müllerian hormone level for determination of gonadotropin dosing in in-vitro fertilization: randomized trial

Feb 28, 2020 Journal Club - Spanish

UOG Journal Club: February 2020, Spanish

Curva de aprendizaje para la detección de partes pélvicas de uréteres por sonografía transvaginal: estudio de factibilidad

Feb 24, 2020 Journal Club - Chinese

UOG Journal Club: February 2020, Chinese


Feb 3, 2020 Journal Club

UOG Journal Club: February 2020

Learning curve for detection of pelvic parts of ureters by transvaginal sonography: feasibility study

Dec 30, 2019 Journal Club - Chinese

UOG Journal Club: December 2019, Chinese


Dec 23, 2019 Journal Club - Spanish

UOG Journal Club: December 2019, Spanish

Útero septado de acuerdo a las definiciones de ESHRE/ESGE, ASRM y CUME: asociación con infertilidad y aborto, costo y advertencias para mujeres y sistemas de salud

Dec 4, 2019 Journal highlights

December 2019 UOG Highlights

The December issue of Ultrasound in Obstetrics & Gynecology includes an article outlining the top 10 global research priorities for multiple pregnancy, a systematic review on the performance of middle cerebral artery peak systolic velocity for the prediction of anemia in transfused and untransfused fetuses, a study describing a new first-trimester sonographic marker of spina bifida, and a study on the impact of three definitions of septate uterus. Also out this month is a new video abstract accompanying a randomized controlled trial of elective delivery vs routine obstetric care in fetal gastroschisis.

Dec 2, 2019 Journal Club

UOG Journal Club: December 2019

Septate uterus according to ESHRE/ESGE, ASRM and CUME definitions: association with infertility and miscarriage, cost and warnings for women and healthcare systems

Nov 15, 2019 Video

Tumor or mastopathy-diagnostic strategy change by 4D "canyon-sign"

Nov 15, 2019 Video

The prevalence of Pouch of Douglas obliteration depicted on basic transvaginal ultrasound by a negative sliding sign in a general population

Nov 15, 2019 Video

Definitions, diagnosis, prevalence, clinical implications and treatment of T-shaped uterus: a systematic review

Nov 15, 2019 Video

Ability to adequately visualise an endometrial echo on TV U/S in asymptomatic post menopausal women

Nov 15, 2019 Video

The role of IOTA ADNEX model compared to subjective assessment in the preoperative diagnosis of unilocular-solid adnexal masses

Nov 15, 2019 Video

T-shaped uterus by Congenital Uterine Malformation by Experts (CUME): agreement of subjective assessment among top-expert

Nov 15, 2019 Video

How to assess the extent of tumour for women with endometrial and cervical cancer

Nov 15, 2019 Video

Using the IOTA approach to classify ovarian masses in clinical practice: case examples

Nov 15, 2019 Video

How worried should you be by solid projections into otherwise unilocular looking cysts?

Nov 15, 2019 Video

Dynamic contrast-enhanced ultrasound can improve the detection of high risk endometrial cancer

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