These lectures were delivered at ISUOG's Basic Training Course, Barcelona, 14 September 2014

Getting started – how does it work and is it safe?


Transvaginal and transabdominal ultrasound; probes and knobs


Assessing normal early pregnancy – expected findings at different gestations, measuring size and dating


Safely diagnosing pregnancy failure  (miscarriage) and ectopic pregnancy


Examination of the uterus and ovaries 


The cervix


The second trimester scan: normal anatomy and common malformations


The first trimester scan: normal anatomy and common malformations, showing nuchal translucency 


Examining twins: first, second and third trimester


Image recording and quality assessment


Fetal biometry, placenta and amniotic fluid 


What is Doppler and how do we use it?


Monitoring fetal growth 


Patient consent and communication with the patient