ISUOG now offers universities and training institutions the opportunity to run an ISUOG Basic Training program. This is a flexible approach to accessing high quality education and the program can be delivered by your own faculty in your own time.

Any individual member of ISUOG who is a faculty member of a university department or similar training setting in ultrasound in ob/gyn may request to Run an ISUOG Basic Training course which is the delivery of our full theoretical curriculum. 

This initiative provides a flexible and cost-efficient way to access ISUOG Basic Training, and promotes our mission to ensure all women receive a high standard of gynecological and obstetric care.

We ask organisers interested to run our course to read the information on this website carefully before starting the process of application. Please note:
•    An application must be made a minimum of four (4) months prior to the proposed course start date
•    The application is sent to the Basic Training Task Force for review and their approval is required 
•    Organisers can expect an official response within one (1) month of receipt of the application. 

Email [email protected] to submit your request.

Who will organise the course?

The responsibility to deliver the course is that of the university or institution; ISUOG is responsible for  providing the educational resources, managing the certification process, and will offer administrative support where necessary, to ensure the highest quality and educational value to ultrasound in obstetrics and gynecology.  

Requirements to run a course

•    The applicant must be an ISUOG member and membership must be active at the time of the course
•    ISUOG requires all organisers to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). This sets out the terms of the arrangement between the organiser and ISUOG and is requirement before any materials are shared. 
•    The applicant and organiser agree pre and post-course assessments must be delivered to all delegates (supplied by ISUOG)
•    Organisers confirm ISUOG can contact delegates before and after the course for the purpose of evaluation, assessment and certification, supported and facilitated by the course leader where necessary. ISUOG confirms all communications will be data protection compliant in accordance with GDPR (for more information please refer to our privacy policy).
•    The organiser agrees to deliver the Basic Training lectures and training without changing the content or the branding of the material provided.
•    Note that ISUOG allows organisers to run the course using their own faculty. ISUOG is happy to recommend ISUOG faculty if this is additional support is required by the organiser, at their own cost. 

Course formats

The program comprises 30 theoretical lectures developed by ISUOG experts.

View the full list of lectures here  


All attendees will be asked to register for a certificate of completion. 

Theoretical assessment is available and attendees who achieve a score of 70% or above will receive a certificate. 

Course fees

ISUOG provides the Basic Training curriculum to institutions at no cost. Before the course, we ask all attendees register directly with ISUOG. They will have the option to register for the final assessment at that time. Discounted fees are available for trainees as shown in the table below

Please see below the fees to register for the assessment:

  Non - Trainee  Trainee


Member Non-Member
High-income country £440.00  £460.00 £215.00 £235.00
Middle-income countries* £215.00 £235.00 £102.50 £122.50
Low-resource countries ** £102.50 £122.50 £46.25 £66.25

*ISUOG has identified the following countries whose economies fall within the middle income category as defined by the World Bank. [American Samoa, Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, India, Indonesia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mexico, Panama, Philippines, Russia, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey, Turkmenistan.]

**Delegates from countries categorised as low resource [Low-resource countries (Groups A and B)] can qualify for even greater discounts. No other discounts can be used in conjunction with this rate.

Membership fees explained:

  • We recommend that prior to running  a course, institutions enter an official partnership prior to the course so that ISUOG can offer all residents a 2-year free membership via ISUOG’s Trainee Program, including access to ISUOG's journal Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology.
  • If no partnership exists, during registration managed by ISUOG, non-members will be charged a nominal fee of £10 for ISUOG Basic membership.
  • ISUOG reserves the right to review these fees from time to time and make adjustments where necessary. Organiser fees will be agreed in the MoU with ISUOG and fixed for that course once agreed.


The material is provided as standard in English and certification of completion can be obtained by completing a final assessment delivered through the ISUOG Academy online. If you are interested to deliver the material in another language, please email [email protected] and our colleagues will discuss this with you.  

General timelines and requirements

•    Educational materials in English are shared within two (2) months of the course start date. If ISUOG agrees to a course in another language this will be discussed with the organisers.
•    Once the MoU is signed ISUOG will agree a timeline with organisers including as a minimum:
-    Provision of ISUOG registration link
-    Provision of the Education Manual
-    Transfer of educational materials 
-    Transfer of any other relevant information