Welcome to register for the annual One Day Focus “FETAL NEUROSONOGRAPHY” 2024! Scientific program is focused on Ob&Gyn specialists, fetal medicine doctors, sonographers and radiologists, prenatal geneticists and practitioners in these fields. Join online wherever you are!

Join us on the 23d of March 2024 for the ISUOG Approved Course “FETAL NEUROSONOGRAPHY” with video records access for 31 day. Registration is now open!

For more than 30 years, the world community of ultrasound diagnostics specialists, together with specialists from related disciplines, has been trying to understand the development of the human brain. We learn every day, collecting new knowledge by pieces. Our everyday study lies between non-stop communication, discussion, analysis, and tracking of either long-term outcomes or the correspondence of our diagnosis with the results of a biopsy.


The scientific program is focused on Ob&Gyn specialists, fetal medicine doctors, sonographers and radiologists, prenatal geneticists, and practitioners in these fields.

This is the 4th edition of the “Fetal Neurosonography” Course. Join online wherever you are!



Prof. Rabih Chaoui and Prof. Gregor Kasprian



Prof. Rabih Chaoui, Prof. Guillermo Azumendi, Prof. Bernard Benoit, Prof. Luc De Catte, Prof. Michael Brusilov, Prof. Gregor Kasprian, Dr. Ravi Lakshmy, Dr. Roee Birnbaum, Dr. Katrin Karl, Prof. Ritsuko K. Pooh, Prof. Ignatia B. Van den Veyver.


Сourse description

The human fetal brain, is a amazing organ, which development can be followed with ultrasound throughout pregnancy. This complex development makes therefore the brain vulnerable for genetic, vascular, environmental, and other diseases. Knowledge of precise anatomy and its changes during pregnancy is helpful for the better understanding of different pathologies. In this One Day Focus on Fetal Neurosonography, world known specialists in this field accepted the invitation to participate and share their experience in scanning the brain. The normal and abnormal brains are presented in their development from the 7 weeks embryo to the baby at term. In this conference the specialists present specific signs of brain anomalies including the role of the different planes in getting to the final diagnosis. In addition, the field of cortical development and its malformation will be discussed. All anomalies will be demonstrated on ultrasound, on MR and their genetic background will be emphasized. Some abnormalities are not genetic but can be due to infection or to ischemic lesions and will be discussed as well.  We recommend you not to miss this unique opportunity and to register for the course !

Fetal Neurosonography - One Day Focus: Course Timetable



  • To improve knowledge of doctors and sonographers involved in prenatal diagnosis in performing basic and advanced ultrasound examinations of the brain
  • To provide an advanced course in neurosonography for health care providers to enables a correct diagnosis of brain anomalies
  • To demonstrate skillful scanning techniques for performing prenatal ultrasound using modern transvaginal probes and 3D/4D approaches
  • To give awareness in differentiation of normal fetal anatomy and the most common fetal anomalies and syndromic conditions
  • To recognize typical ultrasound features and sentinel signs suggesting specific syndromic conditions.

Fetal Neurosonography - One Day Focus: Course Timetable



  • Ultrasound appearance of the early brain
  • Normal and abnormal brain between at different stages of gestation.
  • The impact of the midsagittal plane of the brain
  • The typical hints of the abnormal syndromic conditions
  • Ultrasound landmarks of normal and abnormal cortical development
  • The types of the malformations of cortical development
  • Brain findings in fetal infections
  • Role of MR in brain anomalies

Fetal Neurosonography - One Day Focus: Course Timetable


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