First Trimester Ultrasound is approved by ISUOG and Organised by The ASFMS. This course is relevant to obstetricians, sonographers, midwives, and anyone involved in antenatal care of pregnant women.

Lecture Topics:

  • Fetal biometry and pregnancy dating in first trimester
  • Guidelines of fetal imaging 
  • Detailed first trimester examination
  • Fetal CNS
  • First trimester screening for chromosonal aneoplodies
  • Fetal face and neck in first trimester 
  • GIT&urogenital system in first trimester 
  • Fetal echocardiology in first trimester
  • Multifetal pregnancy in first trimester 
  • Fetal chest in first trimester
  • Fetal skeleton in first trimester 

Location: The ASFMS / Zoom Online Meeting

Date: 4th & 5th July 2024


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