Inviting Gynecologists, Radiologists, and Sonologists, to join us for a three-day course on Gynecological Ultrasound. On May 3rd, immerse yourself in a full-day workshop focusing on ultrasound techniques across different conditions. Following this, on May 4th & 5th, delve into a two-day conference covering ultrasound diagnosis in various gynecological pathologies, the role of ultrasound in guiding surgery for endometriosis, enhanced imaging techniques, and ultrasound-guided procedures beneficial to gynecologists. Additionally, there's an optional one-day post-conference fun trip to Mysore with the faculty. We eagerly await your participation and engagement.


What to Expect:

  • Three Expert International Faculty Onsite
  • Pre-Congress Workshop: Focus on the Technique of Ultrasound in Various Conditions
  • Wide Range of Topics: Covering Various Pathologies in Gynecology
  • Talk on Ultrasound Findings Guiding Surgery in Endometriosis
  • Enhanced Techniques in Imaging and Ultrasound: Why & When?
  • Ultrasound-Guided Techniques: Special Focus on How Guided Procedures Can Help Gynecologists
  • Post Conference 1-day fun trip to Mysore with faculty (Optional - Cost Rs 4500 (+18% GST)

Follow the link to find out more information - Gynac Event


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GynoUS_Conference Program.pdf

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