ISUOG is pleased to announce the ISUOG Basic Training Program in Lebanon for the academic year 2020.

The Lebanese Basic Training Team is delighted to announce the launch of the third Basic Training Course in Lebanon, with 20 candidates this year under the direction of Gihad Chalouhi, MD, PhD and Imad Aboujaoude, MD and Nabil Helou, MD. This builds on the success of both the ISUOG Basic Training Lebanon Pilot Course that was carried out in 2017-2018, and the Second ISUOG Basic Training Lebanon Course that was carried out in 2018-2019.

Read a course introduction by Gihad Chalouhi, M.D.

In these times of hardship in Lebanon, we should more than ever seek education and aspire to higher standards of medicine and greater good. This year, we face greater challenges, and we do not know what the future holds for us and for our beloved country, but we will do our utmost to make it brighter with your help.
As Churchill says: "If you're going through hell, KEEP GOING!"

So the Lebanese Basic Training Team is happy to announce the launching of the third Basic Training Course in Lebanon  under the direction of Gihad Chalouhi, MD, PhD and Imad Aboujaoude, MD and Nabil Helou, MD. While last year’s course was the D-Reem course as a tribute to Reem Abu-Rustum MD, the initiator of the Basic Training course, this year’s course will be called:

The HOPE course. we always hope and work for better days for our country and as a tribute to all those who chose to battle for it in the streets or in the classrooms or in their hospitals.

The Lebanon ISUOG Team is dedicated, AGAINST ALL ODDS, to expanding Lebanon’s ISUOG Basic Training experience in order to implement a standardized national curriculum in Ob/Gyn ultrasound training in Lebanon in the hopes that its ripple effect shall propagate across the region in order to fulfill ISUOG’s vision where all women have access to sonographic examinations carried out by skilled sonologists.
Stay safe, keep going… and always be positive!

The ISUOG Basic Training team

The program will follow the ISUOG Basic Training curriculum in terms of both theoretical knowledge and practical skill requirements. Ultrasound training on obstetrical and gynecological ultrasound simulators will be integrated into the course. Upon successful completion of the ISUOG Basic Training steps, the trainees will undergo theoretical as well as practical assessment in order to be considered to receive ISUOG Basic Training certificates of completion. 

How to register

For further information and to register for the course, please email [email protected]. Please note that places on this course are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.