Proudly endorsed by ISUOG and hosted by Mindray Medical, it is an opportunity for participants to enhance their expertise with the Advanced OBG Course. Designed for Gynecologist, Perinatologist, and Physicians who depend on ultrasound for crucial screening and diagnostics in clinical practice. This comprehensive one-day training is tailored for healthcare professionals seeking to excel in OBG ultrasound and ideal for obstetricians and gynecologists, sonographers, and fellows looking to elevate their skills and knowledge in this specialized field.

Join course Director Dr. Roberto Albinagorta and an expert international panel of speakers Prof. Liona Poon, Dr. Daniel Cafici, Dr. Esteban Lizárraga, and Diana Rodriguez for this engaging and informative course. They will dive into exploring fetal brain assessment, fetal growth and Doppler, fetal heart assessment, deep endometriosis evaluation, pelvic floor disfunction diagnosis and take you through the imaging, prognosis, and counseling process. This course offers attendees a valuable opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of important OBG topics and how to approach complex practical situations.

Learning Objectives:

OB Ultrasound Course

  • Comprehensive fetal brain assessment
  • Fetal growth and Doppler State of Art
  • Fetal heart assessment: each scanning is a change

Gyn Ultrasound Course

  • Ultrasound evaluation of Deep endometriosis in the posterior compartment: from sliding sign to mapping lesions in vagina, rectum and uterosacral ligaments
  • Pelvic Floor Ultrasound new trends: Posterior compartment dysfunctions and Echo Defecography


Program and Registration:

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Please contact Mindray team for registration: [email protected]


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