The Indonesian Association for Maternal and Fetal Medicine are proud to present the PIT Fetomaternal 2024 Malang event. ISUOG have approved the Workshops, which take place on the 1st and 2nd of March (the Symposium is from 4th March - 6th March). The Workshop Sessions are:

  • 1. Developmental sonoanatomy of the anterior complex and the CC and abnormal imaging patterns
  • 2. Examination of the Brain : Protocol and Tips and Tricks
  • 3. Fetal neurology clinic : Role of Multidisciplinary Team in Management of CNS Anomalies
  • 4. Neurosonoembryology and How to perform 1st trimester neurosonography
  • 5. Fetal brain related to FGR and CHD


Course date: 1st and 2nd March*

*note - the PIT Fetomaternal Malang Symposium runs from 4th - 6th March, please visit for more details.

Venue: Grand Mercure Malang Mirama

Address: Jl. Raden Panji Suroso No.7, Purwodadi, Kec. Blimbing, Kota Malang, Jawa Timur 65126


Course information:

PIT Fetomaternal 2024 Malang - Workshop


For more information and booking, please visit:


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