StudyMEDIC offers an ISUOG approved 1 Month, 3 Month and 6 Month Hybrid Course in Basic Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynaecology with a combination of online and multi centric hands-on training (1 Day, 3 Days and 5 Days respectively, depending on length of the Hybrid course). Courses are delivered by ISUOG faculty members, and a course library shall be provided throughout each course with the references and the practice guidelines for pre and post sessions learning.

Course type: Hybrid (Online and Onsite training)

Course location: Bharati Vidyapeeth Educational Campus (Medical College), Pune – Satara Road, Pune – 411 043 Maharashtra, INDIA.

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Course programme pdf:

Ultrasound Courses Brochure - 1, 3 and 6 month hybrid


Course dates:

1 Month Hybrid: 27th January - 2nd March -

3 Month Hybrid: 27th January - 11th May -

6 Month Hybrid: 27th January - 6th July -


Course details:

The course design will include Lectures Day once a week which will be provided by ISUOG Faculty international speakers followed by daily activities and study support on our LMS platform in different modalities including:

  • case scenario with images
  • flashcards, podcasts and videos
  • Q&A to ensure complete delivery of the knowledge
  • Mock exams through the course and final exam to qualify for getting the certificate.

Our online event platform allows you to access all lecture on-demand. The recordings will be available after the event and will remain accessible for three months during the event.

This means you can watch from wherever you are in the world and at a time convenient for you.


Who should attend?

  • Doctors practicing in obstetrics and Gynecology field
  • Sonographers
  • MBBCH Doctors
  • Midwives


Why should you attend?

  • Enhance your knowledge in obstetric and gynecology Ultrasonography by attending this course and having a chance to discuss with the professors and guidelines makers from ISUOG international faculty where each is pioneer in her/his subspeciality.
  • The course will guide you step by step how to safely and efficiently:
    • Handle the Ultrasound machine
    • Run Patients communications and preparation, and repot writing.
    • Diagnose and detect Obs. & Gyn. Pathologies and complications and how to implement the ultrasonography in the management process.
  • Develop your career and get CPD points by achieving the certificate of attendance for the first ever 3-months ISUOG approved course.
  • Get free one-year ISUOG free membership and get an access to all ISUOG learning materials and guidelines.
  • In addition to the basic and advanced Obs. & Gyn. Ultrasonography curriculum it will be the first ISUOG approved course including breast Ultrasound examination sessions.
  • Live classes and full access to session recordings, additionally we provide an extensive course library (accessible through mobile App and LMS).


ISUOG faculty/ambassadors involved in this course include:

      1. Prof. Dr. Rasha Kamel

      2. Prof. Dr. Sherif Negm

      3. Dr. Aly Yousef

      4. Prof. Dr. Mona Abuelghar

      5. Dr. Hebatallah Abdelaziz

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