Dear Trainees and ISUOG Members, I would like to introduce you to ISUOG’s latest committee, the ‘Next Generation Committee, or if you prefer a shorter name, the ‘N Gen Committee’! 

This committee is made up of active and engaged clinicians, who have just completed their specialist training. We are aiming to create a stronger and longer-lasting link between the trainees, wherever they may be located around the world, and ISUOG itself.

Our vision is for ISUOG to continue supporting, guiding, mentoring and ultimately inspiring trainees and newly qualified clinicians worldwide.  We hope that the N Gen Committee will act as a champion for trainees to ensure that both their needs and the needs of new specialists are met.

We have therefore created a trainee survey to help us understand more about your needs and how ISUOG can help you with your development and education. Please complete the survey and share with your friends and colleagues. We are keen to have as many responses as possible to help understand how ISUOG can better meet your needs wherever you are based. 

Our ultimate aim, as I am sure you will agree, is to improve Women’s health with the provision of advancement and dissemination of the highest quality education, standards and research information around ultrasound, obstetrics and gynaecology.

We initially kicked off with our work last year and have already managed to organise a leading number of events including one of ISUOG’s first ever events in Africa through the December Ultrasound and Gynaecological convention. 

Our next World Congress in London is just a few weeks away. Our in person event is now sold out but there are still virtual tickets available. There is an amazing program over 3 days, we have over 45 hours of lectures and masterclasses delivered by leading experts from across the globe. One highlight to look out for is our trainee-focused virtual session, which is taking place on the last day and will be on training, research and opportunity. View the full programe

We therefore hope that if you are a trainee now, curious about ISUOG or are already a member, you will reach out to us. Use this committee to find out more about education, training, and research opportunities, about potential resources that you may require to improve your clinical and ultrasound knowledge and about potentially helping us.

Ultimately, ISUOG and more generally our specialty of obstetrics and gynaecology are nothing without its trainees who are hardworking, enthusiastic and willing to learn.  We hope that by creating this committee, we shall be able to cater more for trainees, to help out in their clinical growth and ultimately, inspire them to join ISUOG and make this wonderful society even better.

Dr Srdjan Saso