Message of support from ISUOG President Prof. dr C.M. (Katia) Bilardo for healthcare professionals battling against coronavirus.

Katia Bilardo's message of support for the health care community fighting COVID-19


Dear ISUOG members, dear friends,

As the COVID-19 virus spreads around the world I want to take this opportunity to pass on my support to all of you working in the front line to care for women while trying to contain the global spread of the disease. Many of you will be personally affected, having to work long hours and putting at risk your health and that of your family.  

However, a crisis is also an opportunity to bring us closer together and share knowledge and research that will help colleagues in other parts of the world face COVID-19 and ultimately and hopefully lead to a cure. 

For this purpose, ISUOG has organised a series of webinars, issued interim guidance and published articles in our journal, Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology, to support physicians and healthcare workers in dealing with this new pandemic.

A number of events in the coming months may need to be postponed or cancelled but we are using technology wherever possible to connect people remotely. Please check our website for updates.

The crisis affects people almost everywhere, but some countries are paying a particularly high price, such as China, South Korea, Iran and my country of birth, Italy. My heart goes out to all the people affected and to the heroes caring for them. I applaud your sacrifice and courage in keeping up continuing to work under often extreme circumstances and in having to make difficult decisions.  

My Board of Trustees and the team in the ISUOG Office are with you and will continue working to help end this epidemic. 

You have all my support and sympathy.

Warm wishes,

Prof. dr C.M. (Katia) Bilardo