The Clinical Standards Committee provides guidance for individuals and sub-committees regarding the development of Consensus Statements or Guidelines on behalf of ISUOG.

The Clinical Standards Committee (CSC) provides systematically developed recommendations for the use of diagnostic imaging in obstetrics and gynecology. The CSC has also been given the responsibility to provide guidance for individuals and sub-committees regarding the development of Consensus Statements or Guidelines on behalf of ISUOG.

Members who are planning to develop such documents must submit a CSC Proposal Form at a very early stage of the process to minimize potential problems that may arise from late review of a nearly completed document that may not fully comply with either the expectations or best interests of the Society.

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Completed forms should be emailed to the Chair of the Clinical Standards Committee Federico Prefumo, via Wendy Holloway, Director of Operations  ([email protected] ).

There are many good ideas that can be submitted for consideration as a possible new Consensus Statement or Practice Guideline. However, the initial review process has been structured to assure members that reviews are fair, unbiased, efficient, and succinctly defined. The CSC submission form should not exceed two pages and should contain the following information:

  • contact name, e-mail, mailing address, and phone number
  • background and rationale for the request
  • nature of proposed document
  • estimated project costs
  • statement of the existence of other similar documents from other organizations
  • identification of possible collaborative societies with similar interests
  • proposed project leader and task force members
  • possible logistical problems or conflict of interest
  • proposed time table

The success of our CSC documents will be directly related to the expertise from which the content is derived. Each ad-hoc committee will consist of a Task Force Chair and will be free to involve knowledgeable participants from both within and external to our Society. All recommended Task Force members should be pre-screened for willingness to commit their time and resources to the goals as defined on the Submission Form.

The CSC will develop and maintain a standard format for guidelines that will involve an informative review of the medical literature, practice recommendations, and a discussion of key questions that address how to best translate this knowledge for clinical care. Standardised terminology and measurements will be emphasised. The use of peer-reviewed scientific evidence will be strongly encouraged to support the expert opinion and statements that are developed by the CSC.