Find out more about joining or hosting a Basic Training course via satellite livestream in your region .

If you are unable to travel to our courses, bring Basic Training to trainees and medical professionals in your region by hosting a course via livestream in your own space. There are two ways to access Basic Training remotely; via individual livestream or by hosting a satellite for a group. 

Individual Livestream

An individual live stream allows you to access Basic Training from your own home! All you need to host an individual live stream is a good internet connection and a comfortable place to watch. By hosting an individual live stream, you have the ability to pause and review lectures as well as ask questions to course facilitators in real-time. Additionally, video recordings will be available to you after the course so you can re-watch and review. 


Group Livestream (Satellites)

Satellites allow groups at universities, hospitals or other centres to livestream Basic Training courses from anywhere in the world! Satellites are very easy to set up - all you need is a venue with a computer and projector. Attendees can watch the course in real-time and interact with speakers during Q&A sessions. ISUOG will provide full administrative support and issue delegates with a certificate of attendance and one-year's ISUOG membership following the course. Satellites are a great, cost-efficient way to bring comprehensive, high quality training in obstetrics and gynecology to medical professionals in your region.


Registration Fees

Country hosting Hosting fee/day Membership fee*
Low resource countries (Hinari list) No hosting fee & no minimum delegates  required 

1 year free to trainees, or £10 membership to non-trainees

Middle income countries (not in the Hinari list) £200 required, includes up  to 20 delegates Additional delegates above minimum £10 each
High income countries £500 (hosting fee only) £10 per delegate required in addition if trainee and £25 per delegate for  non-trainees

* 1 year basic membership or renewal of existing membership for up to 12 months 

Individual Live stream:

Individual livestreaming prices vary according to course, please see the course page to find more about fees and how to register. 

Contact us

For more information about hosting a satellite, or live streaming a course individually, please contact us at [email protected].