In this month you will revise basic fetal anatomy scanning techniques and images.


Revise the following lectures by clicking on the link to download the presentation. Once you have reviewed the lectures, you may use these presentations for your own teaching. 

Outreach Lecture: The 20 planes approach to Mid Trimester Scan


Outreach Lecture: Examining Fetal Anatomy from Longitudinal Sections


Outreach Lecture: Distinguishing Normal and Abnormal Appearances of the Skull and Brain


Outreach Lecture: Assessing the Neck and Chest


Outreach Lecture: Examining the Upper Lip, Face and Profile



All assignments are to be submitted on 15th of September.

After finalising your revision of the slides, please complete the following assessments. These will be reviewed by your ISUOG team leader and ISUOG virtual mentors. 

1. Presentation of Learning 

Develop a short two minute video OR 5 slide PowerPoint presentation on a topic of choice from the above topics. Using either video or PowerPoint provide highlights from the lecture, and describe what is expected in the ultrasound images. 

Once finalised, send your video/presentation on the Trainer WhatsApp group to recieve feedback from either your group leader or virtual mentor. 

2. Competency Assessment 

View Assignment Here


Using the knowledge you have learnt from this month's revision engage the trainees in your group by asking for the following video, and offer critique, advice and comment on the video they provide. Use the WhatsApp group to collect this information. 

1. Ask your trainees to send you images of the following features, and provide feedback on ways they can improve:

  • Plane one: Sagittal spine skin covering and head
  • Plane 18: Coronal view of upper lip, nose & nostrils
  • Cranial images
  • Plane 4: Transventricular plane
  • Plane 6: Transcerebellar plane

Use the attached practical assessment criteria to support your critique of the images.

Image Criteria