Happy Birthday, VISUOG! In this special commemorative digital magazine, we celebrate VISUOG’s 10th year since its initial launch at the 2013 World Congress in Sydney.

With two chapters devoted to obstetric imaging uploaded to the site at the original launch, VISUOG has blossomed to include over 270 chapters of educational materials covering all aspects of Ob/Gyn imaging, encompassing up-to-date background information, accompanying quality images and important patient information materials. Read all about it in our celebratory publication!

  • Enjoy 10 FREE ACCESS chapters, specially selected by our VISUOG Task Force and Section Editors for the whole of October.
  • Learn about the visionary behind VISUOG in an interview with Prof. Gianluigi Pilu, who shares the origin story, how VISUOG evolved into what it is today, and how he foresees its continued impact on the medical community.
  • Get the inside edge from Section Editor, Dr Mathew Leonardi, on VISUOG as ‘A Beacon of Educational Excellence’, and how it remains an educational tool for all, regardless of social or economic background.
  • Unlock the wonders of fetal ears with Radiologist, Dr Ian Suchet, who talks about his significant contribution of eight chapters to one of VISUOG’s most comprehensive sections yet.

All of this and more!

VISUOG 10 year anniversary

Please enjoy this anniversary feature highlighting several excellent examples of VISUOG content, illustrating VISUOG’s educational value.